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RGL Takes A Week Break Off

   exa   - 8/24/2020

The growth of RGL this past year has been amazing. With all our major formats increasing in team and player numbers, it displays that the league and competitive scene is growing in a way that we have always desired. However, operating these many formats (with new formats on the horizon) can be a delicate balance that requires a lot of staff members to tend to.

With the ongoing pandemic, uncertainty with the world, and added stress from doing volunteer work at home, this can often take a toll on a staff member's mental health. When the workload and community expectations seep into the daily routines of our staff members, that can be a fundamental issue. We want to prioritize the health of our staff, so we can continue to allow everyone to enjoy and have great experiences in competitive TF2 in our league.

The RGL team will be taking a week off starting August 24 in order to recharge and take time off from doing volunteer work with the league. This will not affect the launch dates of any of our upcoming season formats or cups. We will be shifting the release dates of article releases, site updates, and project releases accordingly.

As such, we want to continue to thank our player base for their continued support and understanding, while we all take time this offseason to recollect ourselves. Thanks.