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Scheduling Update: RGL Autumn 2020

   exa   - 8/16/2020

2020 Autumn Season Schedule

The following are dates for the 2020 autumn season of the various formats that we will be running in RGL. This does not cover any offseason cups or events. Please note that these dates are subject to change.

Traditional Sixes

Registraton Opens: August 18th
Regular Season: September 15th – November 3rd (8 Weeks, Roster locks active on October 18th)
Playoffs: November 10th – December 1st (4 Weeks)


Registraton Opens: September 1st
Regular Season: September 28th - November 9th (7 Weeks, Roster locks active on November 2nd)
Playoffs: November 16th - November 30th* (3 Weeks)
*Invite/Advanced will have GF an extra week if double-elimination is ran.

NOTE: We will not be delaying the Highlander season start date due to holidays.


With Highlander having a season during the autumn, Prolander will not have a season in the latter half of 2020. This is due to having the two formats not run concurrently.

Plans to run several shorter Prolander cups are being looked into to allow players to play around the same number of matches as they would play in a season of Prolander.

We will aim to run the next Prolander season in 2021.

No Restriction Sixes

While we do not have current plans to run this format in the future, we do plan to introduce a different format to take its place.

Plans of this will be announced in 2021.