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Recent Events Regarding Div-2 Playoffs

   nabla   - 7/18/2020
As noted in the Season 3 Playoffs Article, Div-2 will feature 6 teams in a double elimination bracket.

At the time of this article’s release we have made the following decision regarding an instance of match fixing:

1-512-PLUMPWENCH Has been disqualified from further participation in Season 3 playoffs due to intentional match fixing. This occurred in their week 8 match against BEAST MODE (logs linked here and a vod review linked here. PLUMPWENCH intentionally threw their match against BEAST MODE to deny Cat Posse from making playoffs at 6th seed. Of special note is that Cat Posse won their match against PLUMP during the regular season. Additionally, PLUMP won their previous week 6 match against BEAST MODE in a ~20 minute 5-0.

This indicates that PLUMP intentionally fixed their final match to ensure that Cat Posse (a team which won against them exactly one week prior) would be knocked out of playoffs in favor of a team they had recently won against very convincingly.

A brief but incomplete summation of notable evidence includes:
  • Intentional feeding by players
  • Intentional usage of suboptimal classes/weapons
  • Intentionally wasting ubers
  • Offclassing their main Medic to Soldier, and proceeding to ring an IM level medic as a replacement
  • Verified reports from community members

We have opted to use precedent from a similar case in ESEA’s S24 Open Division. In this case, Clowns9 and Real Housewives of ESEA (8th and 9th seed of the central conference respectively) were disqualified from playoffs due to match fixing. This resulted in the 10th seed of the central conference taking the spot of Clowns9 in playoffs.

Similar to ESEA, the PLUMP vs BEAST MODE match is now treated as a forfeit win for BEAST MODE.

We are in the process of reviewing potential player bans as a result from this situation, and will make decisions at a later time.