Season 3 Registration is open!

   sigafoo   - 1/3/2019
After a fantastic season two we grew 35% from the first season. Now we're here with season three. After reviewing the feedback that we got from last season, weare going to keep the season the same length as last season. 62% of survey responses said they thought we had the "just right" length of season.

The big change for this year is that we are no longer allowing players to place themselves into their own divisions, but Admins will review the strength of their team and place it for them. This is to help prevent sandbagging and allow us to better balance out the divisions. Plus this allows us to easier move teams up or down inside of the league.

One other comment that we got, was that our ringer rules were either too complicated or uncleared. So we are currently in the process of re-writing them to help make them more clear and easy to follow.

The start of the season is Feburary 13th and we will continue to have a $1,000 prizepool for the Invite division. More information can be found on the registration page.

If you have questions / comments / concerns, feel free to contact us at in the RGL Prolander Discord.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to another season.