NA/EU Prolander Registration Extended

   sigafoo   - 9/9/2018
Stressing out about getting your team ready? Well, you can delay that worry for one more week as we are extending our registration for NA Season 5 and EU Season 2. Teams can still add players after the new team registration end date, but they need seven players on their roster.

Quick Details

New Team Registration Ends
September 16th 11:59pm Eastern

League Starts
September 18th-20th (depending on division)

Matches will be scheduled on
September 17th

We've updated some of the rules and you read about that from our last blog here (Forfeits, Whitelist, Stopwatch.)

Map Pool

Viaduct Pro


Exact week by week maps will be determined closer to the season when we know how many weeks will be played based on division size. Season length will depend on how many teams are in a division, but we can say for certain what the first maps are going to be.

Week 1: Upward
Week 2: Viaduct

Any questions not answered?

Contact that us in the RGL discord and leave a message in the support channel.