TONIGHT - The Grand Finals

   sigafoo   - 12/6/2017
Grand Finals!
As the second season of RGL prolander is drawing to a close, we arrive at a rematch of the Season One's Grand Finals as reigning champs Froyotech take on Velocity eSports in a best of three match this Wednesday at 9:30 EST. Both of these teams had a fantastic regular season, with Froyotech having yet to lose a match and Velocity’s only loss coming against Froyotech in Week 5. Last season, these two teams met in the Grand Finals in a very close match. Velocity put up a fantastic defense, holding Froyotech to two 9-minute rounds on Upward, but Froyotech's solid DM and impressive teamwork carried them through the match and earned them the victory. Tonight, Velocity will hope to avenge that loss and earn their place as champions.

Does Velocity Have a Chance?
I was very impressed with Velocity's playoff match last Sunday against Ascent. While Velocity was out damaged by over 12,000, their smart and purposeful plays let them win Ashville 3-1 after a back-and-forth match on Upward. Coordination, timing, and playing the objective won out over pure DM, which is a very good sign for their chances in tonight's Grand Final.

Froyotech's strengths stem from the skill and game-sense of b4nny and the self-sufficiency of their individual players. With their pickup of bo4r on sniper, it's hard to see any weakness in Froyotech's lineup. This team will roll if Velocity's team play and coordination isn't close to perfect. Velocity must pick b4nny, stay grouped up, and play as a team if they hope to come out on top.

Flex Classes
The biggest wild card tonight will be the flex roles for both teams. Vipa was absolutely fantastic for Velocity during their semi-final match, and his dynamic pyro-engineer-spy plays were crucial for their victory. He will have to continue to be dynamic tonight so that he can not only adapt to the flow of the game, but control it.

You will often find arekk dominating on engineer for Froyotech, controlling ground and giving his team incredible support. I would not be surprised if Velocity banned the Rescue Ranger on every map just to nerf arekk even a little bit. His lethal shotgun aim and intelligent play make him a dangerous opponent, and he has the skill and versatility to give his team a solid pyro or spy. Velocity will have to outplay arekk if they hope to walk away with the championship.

It’s never easy to predict against Froyotech, ever. I believe this match will come down to Upward. If Velocity can win that map, they’ll have a chance to win it all on the final payload map. The map order is Upward, Viaduct, TBD.

Will the underdogs of Velocity eSports avenge last season's Grand Final loss and knock out the reigning champs, or will Froyotech continue their prolander dominance? Find out

Tonight @ 9:30 Eastern