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RGL 6s Season 10 - Map Pool, Admin List, and Season Changes

   virgil   - 9/7/2022

SFM By MetalCloud, Edited by Raos

Map Pool

The map pool for Newcomer-Main will be the same as the Season 9 map pool:

  • Week 1: cp_gullywash_f9
  • Week 2: koth_bagel_rc5
  • Week 3: cp_metalworks_f4
  • Week 4: cp_snakewater_final1
  • Week 5: koth_product_final
  • Week 6: cp_process_f11
  • Week 7: koth_clearcut_b15d
  • Week 8: cp_sunshine

Alternative 5CP Map Option - cp_reckoner_rc6

While the general map pool is not changing, this season we are going to be offering an “Alternative Map” that teams can opt into playing throughout the season. This map will be a 5CP map, and during weeks that 5CP is played, both teams can agree to play this alternative map instead of the map for the given week (e.g. If it is week 3, where the map is Metalworks, both teams for a given match can agree to instead play the listed alternative map). For this season, the alternative map will be cp_reckoner_rc6.

Note: This option is only available to IM and Main divisions.

Invite and Advanced Map Pool

The map pool for Invite and Advanced will use a slightly altered map pool used by the rest of the league.

  • cp_gullywash_f9
  • koth_bagel_rc5
  • cp_metalworks_f4
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • koth_product_final
  • cp_process_f11
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8
  • cp_sunshine

Invite and Advanced will also be offered the option to vote out one map and vote in two more, for a total of nine maps. This voting will take place after registration closes, once teams have been placed. The Invite and Advanced admins will reach out to teams in both divisions and provide them with a google form where they can vote. Please note that the alternative 5cp map will not apply to Invite and Advanced, as these divisions will continue doing pick/bans for map selection instead of a weekly map rotation.

Admin List

The admin list for Season 10 is as follows:

Head Admin - virgil

Division Admins:

Division Moderators:

Note: Internal admins will be assisting regular admins/mods with tickets and other internal matters. If you need help, please open a support ticket or reach out to your div admin/mod.

Season Changes

In response to various feedback, we’re trying out a variety of new things for this season, all of which are listed below.

Match Communications and Logs

Teams will now be required to upload logs (non-combined logs) to the match page while submitting match scores. This change is reflected in the rules here.

Invite teams will be required to upload match STV demos to the match page as well, which is reflected in the rules here.

Changes to Restrictions and Sandbagging Policies

For Main and below, our policies are remaining the same. However, we noticed from the post-Season 9 survey that many people felt these policies weren’t always clear. You can find sandbagging policies outlined in the rules here, and to aid in understanding, admins will now explain on the team notes why a restriction is or isn't placed. We hope this will help avoid confusion going forward and give people a better sense of what to expect when looking to play a specific div.

For Advanced, no major changes are taking place. However, repeat rosters that placed top 2 in Advanced will see light restrictions. This is to encourage diversity in which teams consistently place well in Advanced. These restrictions will be unique to a roster sticking together between seasons, and if an individual player leaves and plays on a new advanced team, said restrictions likely will not carry over. As with the previous season, individual restrictions in Advanced will be limited to a player’s main if they placed top 4 in Invite on said main class. Please note restrictions may become heavier if Invite is lacking teams.

Tie Breaker Calculations

Tie breakers for playoffs will no longer consider rounds gained from bye weeks and match forfeits. This change and tie-breaker calculations are outlined here.

Invite and Advanced Config Changes

In the post-Season 9 survey, we polled whether or not players were interested in switching to the Progressive Ruleset (previously referred to as unified ruleset) config, the results of which are pictured.

The survey results indicate that while a majority polled were in favor of using the progressive ruleset, many still weren't comfortable with its implementation in RGL. As such, the admin team decided that only Invite and Advanced will be using the progressive ruleset config for Season 10. This will be an opportunity to see both how the ruleset works for season-long league play, and how the ruleset functions at different skill levels. This ruleset will also remove half-time pauses from KOTH, while maintaining the first to four win condition.

The config will be uploaded to RGL’s git for server updates in the coming weeks, and a special config for Invite and Advanced teams to exec will be provided. All of these changes will be reflected in the rules as they are updated in the coming weeks before team registration ends.

Note: Ruleset changes may not be reflected at the time of this article being published. Changes will be implemented shortly.