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HL Season 7 Playoffs Structure

   Micahlele   - 11/10/2020
With playoffs a little less than a week away, here’s how each division’s playoffs are going to be structured.

Invite - 4 Team Double Elimination
Advanced- 6 Team Single Elimination
Main - 8 Team Single Elimination
Intermediate - 8 Team Single Elimination
Amateur - 8 Team Single Elimination
Newcomer - 8 Team Single Elimination

All divisions will have playoffs and will use the Map Elimination system. Playoffs are a best of 3 map pick/ban series (first to two maps won wins).

The home team will choose to be team A or team B. Map pick bans will be done in match comms.

The pick/ban order will be as follows-
A Bans | B Bans | B Picks | A Picks | A Bans | B Picks

NOTE: KOTH maps are played first to 3 (best of 5) and Stopwatch maps are played first to 2 (best of 3).

An admin will continue to monitor match comms to ensure this map pick/ban system is running smoothly in case a team is not responsive.

In the case of ties, the tiebreakers are used in this order.

1. Head to Head Winner (if teams played each other prior in the season)
2. Quality of Opponent/Strength of Schedule (Median-Buccholz, Sonnenborn-Berger. Tiebreaker Score)
3. Rounds won