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RGL 6s S4 Announced

   nabla   - 8/21/2020
RGL Traditional Sixes Season 4 Registration is officially open.

Season dates are as follows:

August 21st- Registration opens
September 7th- Division placement begins
September 11th- New team registration closes
September 13th- Division placements finalized, week 1 matches scheduled
September 14th- Season start
October 25th- Rosters lock
November 5th- Last default match day of regular season
November 16th- Playoffs Begin
December 20th- Season End, final day that matches may be played.

The following changes will be enacted for season 4:

  • Invite will have a forced team count of 8.
  • Due dates removed for regular season pick/bans
  • Division structure for Advanced/Div-1/Div-2/Future equivalents will remain undecided until closer to provisional division placements. All divisions listed above will use a $30 league fee.
  • Implementation of the most recent map versions for community maps

Potential rule changes regarding team penalties, league fee deadlines, as well as team deaths from division placement to season start will be announced alongside an analysis article of the results from our post-season survey.