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RGL Highlander Season 6 Post Season Survey

   exa_   - 8/19/2020
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RGL Highlander Season 6 Post Season Survey

Something that I planned to do this offseason (and will continue to do so) is create a survey to make changes based on league feedback. This is to allow us to see what we did right and wrong during our current season and to make changes during the offseason to improve our future seasons.

Some things that we are aware of and will be improving:

  • Possible structure changes for Invite & Advanced
  • Stricter restrictions to address sandbagging players in lower divisions
  • Division sizes for Advanced, Main, and Intermediate, as well as other division changes in regards to the placement of teams. This also coincides with making sure that we improve midseason move-ups. 
  • Improving communication with division staff and players during match times

This survey will be officially open early during the postseason and will close after 2 weeks from when this article is published. Your input is important and if you wish to see certain changes, then we encourage you to fill out the survey. It should only take about 5 minutes to fill out.

Requirements to fill out the survey are: 

  • Must be rostered on a RGL HL team for at least 4 weeks

We will be reading through the written responses from the written portion of the survey, so please give constructive feedback. If you are ineligible to take the survey (or miss the deadline) but would still like to share your concerns, please feel free to message me at exa_#0080 on discord. Thanks.

This survey will go live for roughly 2 weeks, in which then I will release a follow-up article, as well as post the results of the survey.