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Update to RGL Plugins and RGL Internal Policies & Conduct Rules

   exa_   - 5/25/2020
In Update to RGL Staff Applications, Competitive Plugins, and April Bans, we discuss the fixes/features that RGL plans to include, as well as logistical issues that we plan to address to make sure that server operators are adequately able to install such plugins in their server. To recap, the following will be permitted in all future seasons for all RGL formats:

  • sm_deterministic_fall_damagesm_deterministic_fall_damage 1
  • sm_fix_ghost_crossbow_bolts 1
  • sm_fix_slope_bug 1
  • sm_fix_sticky_delay 1
  • sm_remove_halloween_souls 1
  • sm_rest_in_peace_rick_may 128

Using disallowed cvars may result in a minor penalty and possible match overturn.

Updated RGL Plugin (with the Competitive Fixes)

The sourcemod plugin has been updated, which contains all updated configs for all RGL formats, the Competitive TF2 fixes/features above, ScrTV+, updated pause plugin, a server resources updater that automatically updates all approved plugins and configs, and more. You can view the RGL plugin and the other plugins mentioned above here.

For server operators, please make sure your server is updated to Sourcemod v1.10 for the plugin to work. For users, you can use the competitive fixes by using the prefix sm_cf rgl via RCON. These fixes should be available on all servers. We will be working on having these plugins enabled by default by whenever a RGL config is execed on a serveme server.

The RGL Server Resources Updater plugin is mandatory on all servers. Servers with the RGL Server Resources Updater plugin installed will be given preference over servers that do not have it installed for the following reasons:

  • Parity between team servers and league enforced config and plugin requirements
  • Updated automatically to prevent match tampering and ease of use
  • Adherence to the league’s strict competitive integrity standards
  • Meets’s minimum standard of quality and fairness for all players
  • servers are exempt from this requirement as they fit the league’s requirements listed above. servers are exempt from this requirement as they fit the league’s requirements listed above.

All players can verify if a server has TF2 Competitive Fixes plugins installed correctly and the server is running the correct fixes by typing the command !cf list. Players can verify if the Server Resources Updater plugin is installed on the server by joining a side and waiting 15 seconds to receive an in-game message from the plugin.

RGL Internal Policies & Conduct Rules

In Recent Events, Internal Improvements, & Lan Fees Removal, the article discusses plans to implement a new committee where division admins are included in the decision-making processes of reports that are sent in regarding players of their format. We also mention plans to redefine the ruleset to be clearer to address issues and clear confusion regarding conduct cases that arise on our platform. This article will be to discuss updates regarding the progression of these changes and updates to our internal policies moving forward.

We have set up a committee for the 6v6 and Highlander format, where select division admins/mods of their format will meet every week to look through regular reports occurring in their division. As alluded to in the prior article, these division staff are tasked with verifying the information, providing their input and opinions regarding these cases, and to suggest a ban length. The review by the committee will be sent to the head admins, so all of their opinions and suggestions are heard, before a final decision is made.

For the 6v6 committee, the following members include:

For Highlander committee, the following member include:

RGL Conduct Survey

We also want to strive towards rule changes to better ensure that edge cases that are not properly defined in our rule book are addressed appropriately. As such, we want to listen to our community's opinions as to what they believe is appropriate. In the above survey, there are questions pertaining to conduct that we want feedback on.

Regarding redefining the ruleset, we are looking to switch to an infraction system. This means that for enforcing our rules, players will be issued infraction points depending on the specific rule that they have violated.

  • This will correspond with incrementing ban levels with higher point values in each level that issue an according ban length (higher ban levels = longer suspension).
  • Each offense will be tiered differently and reward a certain amount of points (sexual harassment or cheating will issue a player more points than being excessively toxic in a match).
  • Points will scale retroactively, which means that repeated offenses will cause the point values of another repeated offense to be multiplied.
  • Infraction points for each level of offense will have an expiration period. This will allow players that commit an offense to be "hidden" after a certain allotted time.

We want the community to think about such a possible rewrite of our enforcement on our rules, so this question is included in the survey.