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RGL Staff Applications, Global Rules Updates, and March Bans

   exa_   - 4/11/2020

RGL Staff Changes & Applications

Witness, Wall, and Aad are resigning from their positions as Invite, Advanced and Main Highlander admin respectively. Frick will be stepping down from their position as a Traditional 6v6 Main admin. We would like to thank them for their work and time spent volunteering and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

We're looking for mature, driven individuals who can help us continue to deliver a great platform to ever greater players.

  • RGL Traditional 6v6 will have one Admin position opening. RGL Highlander will have two Admin positions opening.

  • Traditional 6v6 is looking for division moderators for Season 3! Moderators are expected to help resolve match issues, player issues, and help build their respective divisions schedule alongside the rest of the Admin team. Admins may also be asked for input on things like off season events, graphic design, and other things across the league.

If admin positions are filled, we may contact you to potentially join staff as a moderator instead.

In addition to the above, we are also looking to recruit experienced and talented individuals in the following categories:

  • SourceMod Developer - As a SourceMod developer you will be using C++, and Git to help maintain the SourceMod plugin on GitHub as well as creating SourceMod plugins as needed. Prior exposure to SourcePawn is an asset, in addition to any active SourceMod development projects.
  • Voice Casters - As a caster, you will have to speak constantly through every cast, this requires you to have a microphone that can transmit your voice clearly. The higher the quality of your microphone the better because this is what the viewers will be listening to.
  • Camera Production - Being a cameraman requires having a fast and stable internet on a platform, you need to be able to stream at 720p 60fps (with a minimum of 7-8 mBit) on any streaming service such as Twitch. Players are expected to have previous competitive experience at a high level or have played TF2 for a long time to develop game sense to help with observing. A computer that can run TF2 at 60-100fps WHILE live streaming the games you will be observing is required as well.
  • Graphic Designers - As a Graphic Designer, you will be using Photoshop, Illustrator, Source Filmmaker, and or other software to create professional looking art for RGL, whether this be team logos, thumbnails for Streams or YouTube videos, or merchandise
  • Animator - As an Animator, you will be using programs like Source Filmmaker, Maya, and or Adobe Animate to animate RGL related graphics, whether it be for a short bit, or for screen/item transitions used in streams or YouTube videos. Candidates will be required to create professional looking animations using any of the previously mentioned programs.
  • 3D Modeler - As a 3D Modeler, you will be using modeling software to create RGL medals, badges, etc., for future events, tournaments, or competitive seasons. Candidates will be required to create professional looking models, as some of these will be produced for players and staff.
  • Anti-cheat - As an anti-cheat admin, you are responsible for preventing and punishing cheaters that play in our league. You will utilize tools and methods to detect the usage of cheats, review and analyze demos, log alternative accounts, request demos of suspected cheaters, lead investigative work to find evidence and connections in cases, and more.
  • Any other valuable assets that you think can provide to!

Experience in these fields is preferred. If you have applied for any of these positions and have not received a response, feel free to apply again.

If you would like to apply, you can fill out a form


from there we will go through the submissions and potentially ask for a follow up.

RGL Global Rules Updates

The following rules have been moved to the global section:

This moved section goes over the permanent ringer rule.

This added section covers the guidelines of how a player may be placed on probation and the rules regarding using alternate accounts or banned players in matches and scrimmages.

The following rules have been updated in the global section:

The maximum capacity of ringers that a team can ring is 3, which is clarified here.

All STVs must have a 90s delay and are reiterated in [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos.

"Abusing the in-game text and voice chat functions will also not be tolerated." has been removed due to it being ambiguous and unused. This paragraph has been expanded on to explain what the above entails.

Intentionally canceling the phlogstinator animation by destroying a teleporter is an exploit that will be added to the game exploits section.

Evading a ban on a RGL Platform, such as our Discord and Forums, will result in a 1-month league ban. This has been added into our global rules for clarification, as previous cases have led to league punishments but a definitive length was never stated directly in the ruleset.

It should also be noted that the code of conduct sections, specifically 1002.1 and 1002.2 have had certain areas reworded to be clearer, as well as include some more examples.

Updated rules regarding class restrictions, bugs, and more will be announced in a subsequent article.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article. If you would like to file a report, you can do so on our site here. This form will be for appealing indefinite bans in


The following players have been caught cheating by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned.

  • Goofy - 1 Year - Cheating
  • yerb - 3 Months - Game Exploit - Sniper scope removal (Removing the sniper's scope on at least 3 occasions).


The following alternate accounts have been caught connected to existing accounts in RGL by the RGL Anti-cheat team and will be banned:


The following players have been banned and placed on probation:

  • randyw - Minimum 3 months - Harassment; transphobic flaming directed at a user (3rd ban for harassment).
  • Kronky - Minimum 3 months - Transphobic comments and targeted harassing comments during RGL scrim while banned.
  • isaiah - Minimum 6 months - Player harassment and sending of death threats.
  • Gnral Grievous - Minimum 1 Year - Player harassment and sending of death threats.

After the minimum period has been served, the players can appeal to have the ban lifted if they can show that they've improved themselves and how they interact within the community.

Update on players currently banned and on probation:

  • civil war - Minimum 6 months - The player has continued to harass and doxx players in the community while on probation.

Given these recent incidents, the players previous infractions, and that they are on probation. They have been put on an indefinite ban with an additional minimum sentence for six months. After the six months have elapsed, they can appeal to have their ban lifted, provided they can show that they've changed as a member in this community.


The following individual is involved with evading a ban on a RGL platform, in addition to using racial language/slurs in a scrim. Due to the player being an Invite player, as well as having recent bans, the ban length has increased.

  • Secretly Satan - 1 month for ban evasion on a RGL platform + 6 weeks for use of racial slurs in a scrim (increased due to being an Invite player & having recent bans).

Sportsmanship and Spirit

The following players have/had been suspended for 1-6 weeks for their usage of racist slurs, homophobic or transphobic language, excessive toxicity and flaming, or derogatory language on our platforms. Repeat offenders will get longer ban lengths.

  • josh - Using a racial slur on a RGL match - 2 weeks / First Offense
  • M17 - Use of racial slur in RGL scrim - 2 weeks / First Offense
  • hyon - Targeted harassment inside of RGL Discord - 2 weeks
  • Tom Servo - Excessively racist comment said during RGL Match - 3 weeks / First Offense


The following players have failed to provide a requested demo. This is their first offense and will be a warning. Failure to submit a demo after subsequent requests in the regular season or a requested demo in playoffs will lead to bans.

  • antlers - Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense
  • SlyGuySaysHi - Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense
  • Galaxy - Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense

You can read further details and context about each of the player's bans by viewing their discipline history on their RGL profile.