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A Follow-up to Monday's Ban Wave

   exa_   - 1/8/2020
Yesterday we released an article containing a list of player bans for harassment. Many of the bans listed contained no minimum length and were able to be appealed immediately. Unfortunately, it seems that communication of the purpose and reasoning behind our actions was not as clear as we wanted it to be, so we hope to correct some common misconceptions.

Many of our bans yesterday were not the result of specific or isolated incidents of bad behavior. These bans came as a result of concerning and consistent trends of harassment among the listed players. Bullying, raiding, stalking, bigotry, and many other forms of harassment are unfortunately a subject that many players inside of our community are desensitized to. Many players engage with this type of behavior and are largely unaware of the harm they cause. It should also be noted that staff members in RGL that engage in this behavior are not welcomed and we have made steps in the past to remove such individuals from administrator position roles.

Other important information of note is that these ‘bans’ were not meant to serve as formal bans, but rather to act as a formal warning for the listed players. After appealing their bans, these players can be considered to have entered somewhat of a probationary period- wherein continuing their behavior will result in severe suspension. Given that many bans were appealable immediately, we had full expectation that a large amount of them would be lifted swiftly. Our course of action was taken primarily to alert specific players that their behavioral trends were not in-line with the kind of community we wish to foster inside of RGL. Past the specifically listed players, all of those inside of RGL should take the time to reflect on their demeanor and remember to maintain respectful interactions with the rest of the community.

As of the writing of this article, the following players have followed through with our appeal system and have had their bans lifted:

In addition, the following players have had the minimum ban length of their bans removed. They will be allowed to appeal immediately:

As a reminder to all players and teams participating in our league, we want to strive for a good-natured competitive environment and urge our players to help us achieve that in the best way possible. It is with your help that allows for RGL to strive to be a healthier and safer competitive environment for everyone. If you are a player and want to report this behavior, please use our form here.