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Scheduling Update: RGL Spring 2020

   exa_   - 12/18/2019

2020 Spring Season Schedule

The following are dates for the 2020 spring season of the various formats that we will be running in RGL. This does not cover any offseason cups or events. Please note that these dates are subject to change.

Traditional Sixes

Regular Season: January 7th – February 28th (8 Weeks)
Playoffs: March 2nd – March 27th (4 Weeks)
Invite LAN Playoffs: March 28th – March 29th


Regular Season: February 10th – March 23rd (7 Weeks, Roster locks active on March 16th)
Playoffs: April 30th – April 20th* (3 Weeks)

NOTE: Invite/Adv might have GF an extra week if double-elimination is ran.

No Restriction Sixes

Regular Season: March 17th – April 21st (6 weeks)
Playoffs: April 28th – May 5th (3 Weeks)


Regular Season: April 27th – May 25th (5 Weeks)
Playoffs: June 1st – June 15th (3 Weeks)

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