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Main Semifinal Review and Grand Final Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 12/9/2019

Semi Finals Review

The Outback Fraghouse (1) vs dog (4)
Maps: Swiftwater, Product
Outcome: 0-2 dog
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Lasky’s review: This match was a massive upset. With the Outback Fraghouse looking near unshakable up to this point, most expected them to clean this one up and move on to grands. Not so, however. Leading the charge for dog was page with 533 dpm on product, and 512 overall. Additionally, jel top fragged the server at 69 (hehe). Overall, the match was heavily in dog’s favor, with every single person on their team outperforming their opposition.

Lasky’s MVP: jel

Train Station (2) vs No.3 Pencils (3)
Maps: Vigil, Upward
Outcome: 2-0 Train Station
Logs: First Half

Lasky’s review: Unfortunately, there is no combined log for the second half. On Vigil, Train Station’s combo absolutely went off, with c0ry getting 608 dpm, and Jinzo top fragging at 46. Western did a lot for his team, with 37 kills, but it wasn’t enough to carry the map. On Upward, Asian came out strong in with 74 kills. Unfortunately for him, Train Station’s combo absolutely rolled over his, and they took the map 2-1.

Lasky’s MVP: c0ry

Grand Finals: dog (4) vs Train Station (2)

Maps: Ashville, Swiftwater, Vigil

Player Matchups

agb > Cutimus (Large Advantage)
Shoutout to the new mic, agb is using his week off of advanced playoffs to ring main grand finals. He’s good.

jel > geen (Advantage)
Last season, jel was one of the best soldiers in the div. Having come back this season after improving, it’d be very safe to say he’s the best soldier in the div hands down. Thus, he takes the advantage.

snoodles = Res
Both of these players are about even in their abilities. Neither one seems to monkey for frags, and they tend to do their job.

page < c0ry (Advantage)
This is definitely the matchup to watch. Both demos are very good at the game, but c0ry has just been on a tear as of late, consistently dropping over 600 dpm in scrims and officials.

Rikuus < Jinzo (Advantage)
I think these players individually are about even, but with Jinzo being much more enabled by his demo’s damage.

kenvii > Green Al Dankovic (Advantage)
Kenvii plays with more smart aggression. That’s pretty much it. Also, this man is a dog furry on a team named dog. Dog squared = advantage.

lay < guildnightnub (Small Advantage)
Guildnightnub has spent more time on med than lay has, but both meds are competent in their position.

hyon > noot (Advantage)
Hyon has consistently done well this season, frequently competing with jel for the MVP spot. On the other hand, noot has been less consistent, popping off on some days but being more average on others. If noot has one of his good days, this is definitely a matchup to watch.

Vizard > Illum (Advantage)
Vizard is probably the best spy in Main right now, and as such it’s only fair to give him the advantage. However, Illum is no slouch either, and can pop off if dog takes him for granted.

Overall, dog is the stronger team. However, the maps they’re playing are much more combo focused than flank focused. With Train Station having a much stronger combo, this match could go either way.

Map Predictions
Ashville: 3-1 dog
Swiftwater: 0-2 Train Station
Vigil: 2-1 dog

Lasky’s Players to Watch: jel, c0ry

Third Place Match Predictions

[b]The Outback Fraghouse vs No.3 Pencils/b]
Maps: Ashville, Upward, Product
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse

Lasky’s Preview: The Outback Fraghouse has a much stronger flank and combo. On Ashville, I see MDS doing some real damage. On Upward, Mothership has his time to shine. asian is likely to get some key picks, maybe even push this to a 2-1, but I don’t see him overturning the tide of the game completely.

Lasky’s Players to watch: MDS, asian