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RGL 6s Season 2 Details

   nabla   - 12/8/2019
I am happy to share some big news for the RGL 6s league. Season 2 is quickly approaching, and we have many exciting things planned. In the interest of time, we can skip the fluff and jump straight in.

Season 2 Dates

Jan 10th- New team registration closes, division placement.
Jan 11th- Division placement finalized, league fees due.
Jan 7th- Season begins for Invite
Jan 13th- Season begins for Remaining divisions
Jan 26th- Weekly roster join limit changes from unlimited to two per week
Feb 23rd- Rosters lock
March 1st- Invite Regular season ends
March 15th- Regular season ends
March 28th- Invite Playoffs LAN Day 1
March 29th- Invite Playoffs LAN Day 2
April 12th- Playoffs end for remaining divisions


Of particular note in our timeline is an Invite playoffs LAN. Season 2 of RGL 6s will feature the first LAN playoffs for a North American TF2 league since 2015. Rental PCs will be provided for qualifying teams. RGL will only be formally hosting the LAN for invite playoffs, however purchasable spectator passes with PC access for community use will be available. You can expect a follow up article with full information about the venue, pricing, and accommodations when all information is completely finalized.

League Fees

To ensure sustainability for our LAN event, we will be charging a small LAN support fee in addition to normal league fees. This fee will total $10.99 for invite players, and $3.99 for paid divisions.

Registration and Divisions

A notable change to registration for Season 2 is that all teams will register into admin placement. While in admin placement, there is an option to indicate your preferred division and pay up for that division. If you are placed into a division higher than expected you will still need to make up the difference in league fee. The Invite division will contain 8 teams selected by admins. For other divisions, admins will sort teams based upon skill level into the following groups:


Survey results from our post season survey indicated that our Invite and Advanced divisions were spread too thin, while our primary open division contained too many teams. Additionally, we felt over the course of Season 1 that many teams were mistakenly playing in Open divisions despite being competitive with IM or Main teams. With this information in mind, the ideal division size appears to have a lower bound of 17 teams per division and an upper bound of 24 teams per division. Of course, these numbers may or may not be viable depending upon actual team registrations, but we will do our best to divide teams logically. Additional divisions can still be created as needed depending upon team counts, and if enough newcomer teams are present the division will likewise be reinstated.

Similar to Season 1, paid divisions will have two matches per week with default days on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 PM EST. Free divisions will contain one match per week at 9:30 PM EST on Wednesdays.

Roster Transactions

During our post season survey, we asked the following question:
(Excluding Invite) After team placements, do you feel that roster transactions should require administrator review as a deterrent against sandbagging?

Inside of paid divisions, this proposition had a 72% approval rating. Responses in free divisions indicated a 75% approval rating. Given the overwhelming response, we have decided to implement a system with the goal of monitoring roster transactions after division placement and registration. Effective for the regular season, when a player join request is approved by team leaders the joining player will enter a “pending administrative review” status on the roster. Administrators may deny a team join request if the skill level of the player is inappropriate for the division. Extra scrutiny towards roster transactions among teams already at the top of their divisions will be given. Class restrictions or locks may be given to players on approval, and will be noted appropriately on the team page. It is not expected that much oversight will be needed, but we hope to avoid cases seen during Season 1 where the top teams inside of divisions were able to roster inappropriately skilled players.

In addition to this, we have implemented a rule limiting roster transaction counts during the regular season as a preventative measure towards roster hijacking. During the first two weeks of the season, teams may make as many roster transactions as needed. Following this period, teams will be allowed two roster joins per week until rosters lock.

Roster transaction rules will not apply to the invite division.

Player eligibility for matches as a non-ringer will be granted after the admin review status is removed, provided they have been on the roster for 18 hours (including time pending review). As a reminder, teams are still granted the ability to use a default ringer inside of RGL matches, provided that they follow the necessary criteria as specified in our rules. In the event of administrators taking longer than reasonable to review roster transactions, please alert staff so that your players may be cleared for matches in a timely manner.

S2 Map Pool

The Season 2 map pool includes the most updated versions of the following maps, in no particular order:


The pick/ban system for Invite regular season matches will retain the same format, but all bans for the following week will be due on Saturdays rather than spread throughout multiple days. Other non-invite divisions will run weekly maps, similar to Season 1.

League Table

The points system used in Season 1 is the league table system used for all other formats inside of RGL. Relative to the 6s scene, this system was new and confusing to players. As a quick refresher on the system, teams are ranked in the league table based upon points they earn during regular season matches. Each match played inside of RGL is worth a maximum of 3 points. A winning team can earn between 2 and 3 match points; a losing team can win between 0 and 1 match point. Both teams earn points based on the number of rounds they win in the game.

Many in the 6s community feel that regular season rankings should be determined by W/L record first. We are leaving up an official poll for community choice on this matter here as well as an explanation about the benefits provided by the points system. To be eligible for this poll, you must have participated inside of RGL 6s Season 1. If you are ineligible but would still like to share your thoughts, feel free to message me at Daffodil#9046 on discord.

Admin Changes

With a new season comes changes to our staff. Jetz(proton), Pablo, Yaeng, and Grape Juice have unfortunately stepped down from our admin team. In light of this, joining us are FrickMyNick(FrickMyNick#9490) and Makkabeus(_Makkabeus#9603). They will be joined by returning division admins Dubthink, Patrick, Fordo, and Lumiti.

If you would like to apply for staff positions inside of RGL, you may fill out our form. From there we will go through submissions and potentially ask for a follow-up.

Apply for RGL Staff Here.

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