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RGL HL S4: Award Polls and Season Recap

   exa_   - 12/18/2019
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RGL Highlander Season 4 Post Season Survey

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Highlander Season 4 Awards

Something that we will be returning RGL HL Season 4 are the seasonal awards polls.

Disclaimer: The players were nominated by Invite leaders for each category. There are three nominations for each category. You must use a registered RGL account to be eligible to vote. There will not be a most improved player category this season due to the number of ties we have with it each season. Production award has been changed to Caster of the Season award.

– sandblast, wish, pablo
– dev, rain, Catalyst
– eX.Hunter, Satan, HA Johnny
– exile, dog, yuice
– RonnieJ, chubbz, Octa
– exa_, carcin, Aaron
– Wall, Toy, DZCreeper
– lenny, watterson, Fallen
– Mad, shotaway, Micahlele
Caster of the Season – Alto, zagron, Kresnik, Flare
Debut of the Season – Hino, Rayman5000, Poseidon
Best Player of the Season – exile, Micahlele, dog

Voting will close on Friday (12/27) and the results will be announced on the forums on that day at 10:30 PM EST announce the winners.

Season 4 Recap

The season of RGL HL have ended and the winners have been determined. Invite hosted a $1,625 prize pool for a highlander league again and the teams that played in the division were very competitive and helped to continue to display some of the best highlander action we have seen in a long time.

Congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place: Fred V
2nd Place: Amicitia Nova
3rd Place: Apolodosh

1st Place: marker and e-boy
2nd Place: division dysphoria
3rd Place: 1 Korean, 9 Keyboards

1st Place: dog
2nd Place: Train Station
3rd Place: No. 3 Pencils

1st Place: Digga-Leg Fan Club
2nd Place: Bingo Night Ballers
3rd Place: Pans And Bricks

1st Place: Boom! Roasted
2nd Place: Finely Aged Memes
3rd Place: Vindicators

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