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Week 7 Review and Quarterfinal Preview


   WiLLmaTiC   - 11/25/2019

Week 7 Review

The Outback Fraghouse vs dog

Will’s Prediction: 1-2 dog
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 0-2 dog
Logs: First Half Second Half

Will’s review: The Outback Fraghouse’s perfect season has ended. The 0-2 scoreline by no means indicates that this was a roll however. First half hyon top fragged with 20, where all 3 of his medic frags were also every uber drop Bible had. In the second half, jel and Vizard stepped up top fragging with 15 and 16 respectively.

Will’s MVP: jel

Train Station vs Aureus

Will’s Prediction: Train Station: 2-0
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 2-1 Train Station
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

Will’s review: A heated back and forth match between these 2 teams is not what I was expecting. c0ry performed very well, top fragging on his team and got 7 med picks, but lost the Demo v Demo (is that a thing?) to DeanTheTurtle. DeanTheTurle also had a spectacular game, top fragging and top damaging in the server. Also as expected for such a small, compact map; both soldiers were able to get a massive amount of flank kills.

Will’s MVP: c0ry

No.3 Pencils vs Indian Panini

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: This played out pretty much how I expected. No.3 Pencils got a decisive 3:44 time in the first half. katryna spearheaded No.3 Pencils’ victory, top fragging and top damaging in the server.

Will’s MVP: katryna

Five Days vs The Peach Creek Boys

Will’s Prediction: 2-1 Five Days
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 2-1 Five Days
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half

Will’s review: This is a strange match, the one round The Peach Creek Boys won, Five Days had way more frags. In addition the first round was Five Days quickest time. VinSyl had a very consistent performance across all 3 halfs, top fragging in the 2nd.

Will’s MVP: VinSyl

We Overslept… vs Utopia Turned Dystopian

Will’s Prediction: N/A

Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

Will’s review: A very quick 3 round Steel match, with a surprising amount of frags. Not a single round lasted over 8 minutes. The pick classes for We Overslept were the stars of their teams, while the combo for Utopia Turned Dystopian, most notably Western, were their stars.

Will’s MVP: Western

Quarterfinals Predictions

No.3 Pencils (3) vs Utopia Turned Dystopian (6)
Maps: Vigil, Ashville, Steel
Will’s Prediction: 2-0No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils

Will’s Preview: While No.3 Pencils is definitely the better team, I don’t think Utopia Turned Dystopian can just be pushed aside. Western had an amazing showing on Steel last week, and if he is able to keep up that frag and damage output No.3 Pencils will be in for a long match. Ashville, however, No.3 Pencils will be able to make quick work of Utopia Turned Dystopian’s inability to win King of the Hill.

Lasky’s Preview: No.3 Pencils has a much more established combo, with Brick HugHouse and katryna working well together. Additionally, spaghetti is a strong force to contend with on flank. These pieces will be what takes No.3 Pencils to the win on Vigil. After Vigil comes Ashville. Utopia Turned Dystopian has historically had problems on koth. However, Tribes and Ally have done very well on Ashville in scrims so far, so they might have a chance to take a round. Unfortunately for them though, I don’t think it’ll be enough to take the map as a whole and send this game to steel.

Will’s Players to Watch: : spaghetti, Western
Lasky’s Players to Watch: spaghetti, Ally

dog (4) vs Five Days (5)
Maps: Product, Ashville, Vigil
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 dog
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 dog

Will’s Preview: dog is a mega DM team, and starting off with 2 King of the Hill may end up being Five Days’ downfall. If Five Days can take a map off dog then I think they have an honest shot at winning Vigil.

Lasky’s Preview: dog is a powerhouse on koth, so two of the three maps being koth is a real detriment to Five Days. dog wins the pick class fight, with hyon and Vizard being monsters in their roles. For flank, I think things are about even, with maxie! being the better scout, and soala having an advantage on his class. Finally, when it comes to combos, the advantage leans heavily in dog’s favor, with page and Rikuus greatly outmatching their opposition.

Will’s Players to watch: hyon
Lasky’s Players to watch: Vizard