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   exa   - 11/27/2019
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These bans were enacted before the release of this article.

Sexual harassment and inappropriate/lewd behavior

In our article about League Update: On recent events, we discuss how the administration team takes incidents regarding sexual harassment to a very serious degree. We also discuss how we look for repeated or egregious behavior while evaluating the severity of the cases. The fact of the matter is that we understand that there are still reports being received and we will continue to investigate them. Our goal in RGL has always been to maintain a passionate community that can have sympathy, tolerance, and feel safe while playing their favorite game.

After the recent events regarding Nursey and other prominent players in the community involved in sexual harassment cases, we had many other players that came forward with their own reports regarding harassment. We respect that. Additionally, it has always been our goal to investigate and evaluate reports that are being sent in, because it is undeniable that this type of behavior is not only unacceptable but should not be tolerated in our community in any capacity. The report regarding Karl was sent to the head admins after our investigation and our call for others to come forward and submit evidence using our google form. An investigation was launched after a report was sent in. Evidence was supplied, as well as information from an ex-UGC admin additionally giving evidence relevant to the case during this investigation. The head admins went through the evidence, discussed the report, and concluded.

The coincidental timing of certain players coming back had zero impact on the overall conclusion made by the head admins. RGL does not condone the egregious behavior and actions of players (both past and present) that may subsequently cause and deter players from playing in our organization. We believe in fading out this type of behavior from our community.

An example of us continuing to evaluate reports is listed below:

  • Karl - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance by interacting with a player in inappropriate ways. This is an indefinite ban with a minimum period of 1 year.
  • Kalvyn - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance by interacting with a player in inappropriate and sexually suggestive ways. This is an indefinite ban with a minimum period of 4 months.
  • Shadow - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance with player harassment and inappropriate behavior, including inappropriate behavior with minors.

Indefinite bans are a new penalty system that we are rolling out regarding more serious or repeated behavioral bans. This means a player would be banned indefinitely with a minimum sentence. Once that minimum sentence has elapsed, the player can appeal by contacting an RGL admin to have their ban/suspension re-evaluated and removed. The idea with this is that for a player to come back, they need to affirm that their behavior has changed for the better. If they continue their bad behavior after the appeal has been lifted, then it shows that the player has not changed and will face more severe punishments.

As such, if you want a head admin to look over a case, we request that you submit a report here on our google form.


The following players have been caught cheating by the RGL team and will banned.

  • River - 1 Year / first cheating offense
  • Razz - 1 Year / first cheating offense
  • Bolin - Lifetime / 2nd cheating offense

The following AC statement has been issued.

Regarding the use of sound programs to manipulate audio, Aad (Main division admin) states the following:

Ban Evasion and Multiaccounting

The following players evaded their ban in RGL and will be banned for an additional year.

The following player will be banned for being an alternate account to an existing banned player in RGL.

The following player knowingly supported the above alt account in evading multiple matches during the season and will be banned for 6 months.


The following players have/had been suspended for several weeks to months for their usage of racist slurs, homophobic language, or derogatory language on our platforms.

Sportsmanship & Spirit

In RGL, it is apparent that we want highly derogatory terms and persistent harassment to fade out within our community. When players are subjected to this unwarranted hostility, it clearly has many ill-effects that can push players out or make them feel unwelcome in our league. Additionally, in a league that is constantly trying to grow and develop, the ability to obtain sponsors is a key aspect that the organization has sought out after. It does not bode well, when your top players are engaging in this behavior, which is why we have unequivocally pushed for larger punishments on our Invite players, since they often participate in casted matches and represent the league in which they play in.

Our rules on what comments are on-platform versus off-platform is made very clearly here:

As such, this is a reminder to all players and teams of RGL's ruling on such behavior. It has always been in our best interest to have clearer outlines on our stance regarding toxicity and harassment. Above anything, we strive for a good-natured competitive environment and urge our players to help us achieve that in the best way possible.

If you are a player and want to report this behavior, please contact an admin on our Discord. It should be strongly noted that witch hunting is not condoned in any capacity by the administration team and may lead to punitive action.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the players that have contacted the staff team regarding this type of behavior and helping RGL strive to be a healthier and safer competitive environment for everyone.

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