- Payment deadline is January 24th, you will need 6 players paid up by then in paid divisions or 6 players on the roster for free divisions -

- RGL is now working with Qixalite. If you need to book a server, please head over here for more information.

Season 2 Announced + Map Testing Cup!

   nabla   - 11/20/2019
Big thanks to all of our players and teams that joined us for RGL 6s Season 1, and congratulations to our Invite champions Froyotech.

RGL 6s Season 2 will officially begin on January 7th. Registration will be opening shortly and will close on January 3rd. Not all details for Season 2 are ready for release yet, and survey results are still being processed. More update articles can be expected in the following weeks regarding changes from season 1, so stay tuned for more news. If you are a player interested in joining or creating a team, feel free to check out the recruitment sections in our Discord.

Alongside the announcement of Season 2, I would also like to announce an Experimental Map Testing Cup being run on December 14th and 15th. The following maps will be tested:

cp_redrock by Daniel
cp_kalinka by Jusa
cp_villa by kevin gator
cp_domain by Quantum

Teams will register and be divided up into divisions accordingly. As registration closes we will finalize division size and structure based upon the number of participating teams. The event will be run from 4pm EST to 8pm EST both days, with an expected 3 to 4 matches per day. Regular season rules will still apply, with the exception of teams playing two maps per match (one half per map, winlimit 5 and timelimit 30). Registration will open on November 22nd and close on December 13th.

These mapmakers have put tons of work into their maps, so we look forward to seeing you all come out to play them!