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Main Week 4 Review and Week 5 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 11/4/2019
Week 4 has come and gone. Will is sick this week, so I’m taking over articles for the time being. ~Lasky

Week 4 Review

The Outback Fraghouse vs No.3 Pencils

Will’s Prediction: 3-4 No.3 Pencils MOTW
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 The Outback Fraghouse MOTW
Outcome: 4-1 The Outback Fraghouse
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Lasky’s Review: This match turned out much more one sided than I thought it would. Prograde and MDS absolutely dominated flank. Additionally, reigh farmed in this match, topfragging at 48 kills. asian did his best to help his team, but it wasn’t enough to keep it close.

Lasky’s MVP: reigh

We Overslept… vs The Peach Creek Boys

Will’s Prediction: 4-2 We Overslept...
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-1 We Overslept...
Outcome: 4-3 We Overslept...
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half

Lasky’s review: Unfortunately, it seems as though the full match logs were too big for This game was much closer than anticipated. Both teams fought hard for this one, with standout performances coming from several different players. Cmdr. Cameron absolutely farmed this game, with a total of 59 frags. Mr. Z also did quite well, locking down flank with an average of 338 dpm. However, the real standout here is Lad Duck, who absolutely dominated when it counted the most. In the tiebreaker, He dropped a 4.0 k/d and 450 dpm, securing his team the win.

Lasky’s MVP: Lad Duck

Train Station vs dog

Will’s Prediction: 2-4 dog
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 Train Station
Outcome: 4-2 Train Station
Logs: First Half Second Half Thrid Half

Lasky’s Review: With the loss of snoodles, dog had an uphill battle ahead of them. c0ry absolutely took advantage of this, dropping nearly 600 dpm overall. Jinzo and Cutimus did a good job cleaning up this damage, with 101 kills between the two of them. page and hyon did their best to help their team, but they ultimately came up short.

Lasky’s MVP: c0ry

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs Five Days
Will’s Prediction: 1-4 Five Days
Lasky’s Prediction: 3-4 Five Days
Outcome: 2-4 Five Days
Logs: Full Match

Lasky’s review: About what was expected, Utopia Turned Dystopian’s usual koth woes bit them again. Bon Qui Qui absolutely dominated, topfragging the server with 38 kills total. Otherwise, every individual on Five Days was just slightly better than their opposite number. The exception to this is ally, who second fragged at 35. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to bring it home.

Lasky’s MVP: Bon Qui Qui

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Aureus

Will’s Prediction: 4-1 EVHS Cheerleaders
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-0 EVHS Cheerleaders
Outcome: 3-4 Aureus
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

Lasky’s review: Probably the biggest upset of the week, it’s undeniable that Aureus came to play. DeanTheTurtle and Bagel had great synergy this game, with 96 kills between the two of them. Hellkatt tried her best to pull this back, topfragging the server with 67 kills, but it wasn’t enough.

Lasky’s MVP: DeanTheTurtle

Indian Panini vs Bye Team
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: 0-2 Indian Panini
Outcome: 0-2 Indian Panini
Logs: N/A

Lasky’s review: Bye week

Lasky’s MVP: The schedule

Week 5 Predictions

The Outback Fraghouse vs The Peach Creek Boys
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse

Lasky’s preview: The Outback Fraghouse has been on an absolute tear recently, and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. With Vigil being such a combo focused map, I expect big play out of Mothership and Toucan Slam. Mr. Z is also a force to be reckoned with,so we’ll see how they contend with each other.

Lasky’s Players to Watch: Toucan Slam, Mr. Z

We Overslept.. vs No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-1 No.3 Pencils MOTW

Lasky’s preview: This game is going to be one to watch. With both teams having strong combos, it’ll be interesting to see how they match up. Both combos seem about even, with advantage pointing towards katryna for demo, and Cmdr Cameron on heavy. What will push this over the edge is spaghetti. The experience and ability he brings to flank is something to contend with, and it’ll be interesting to see how We Overslept… handles it. Overall, this one could go either way, and it’s an easy pick to Match of the Week.

Lasky’s Players to Watch: MANA-_-TEA, spaghetti

Train Station vs Indian Panini
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Train Station

Lasky’s preview: With Train Station coming hot off the heels of a win on Lakeside, it’ll be interesting to see how they carry that momentum into Vigil. The combo matchup is heavily weighted in Train Station’s favor, with both c0ry and Jinzo performing exceptionally in scrims to this point. Unfortunately for Indian Panini, Vigil is a bad map for their standout players, mel0n and shim. Ultimately, I don’t see Indian Panini having much of a chance here.

Lasky’s Players to Watch: c0ry, shim

Five Days vs Aureus

Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Aureus

Lasky’s preview: After some exceptional combo performances from DeanTheTurtle and bagel, it can be expected that Aureus wins this one. Soala could do well in this one, but ultimately I don’t see it making much of a difference.

Lasky’s Players to Watch: c0ry, Soala

dog vs EVHS Cheerleaders

Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 dog

Lasky’s preview: With the return of snoodles, dog has some stability back. page and Rikuus have been working together well in scrims, and Vizard has had a field day on this map. Unfortunately for EVHS Cheerleaders, they have a big problem in that their standout classes simply don’t perform well on this map. Hellkatt will likely put up a very strong performance compared to her opposite number, but I don’t think it’ll be enough for EVHS Cheerleaders to win the map.

Lasky’s Players to Watch: Vizard, Hellkatt

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs Bye Team
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Utopia Turned Dystopian

Lasky’s preview: Simply put, Bye Team shot themselves in the foot by picking up WiLLmaTiC yesterday. It’s a true shame too, Caleb is going to have a field day with him. #PrayForWiLLmaTiC

Lasky’s Players to Watch: WiLLmaTiC, the man of great fear.

Power Ranking Updates

1. The Outback Fraghouse +1
2. No.3 Pencils -1
3. We Overslept… +1
4. EVHS Cheerleaders -1
5. The Peach Creek Boys
6. Train Station +2
7. dog (formerly Cafeteria Milk) -1
8. Aureus +3
9. Five Days
10. Utopia Turned Dystopian -2
11. Indian Panini -1