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Main Week 3 Review and Week 4 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 10/28/2019
Week 3 has up and left us. Week 4 is now at our side. Unfortunately Lasky has been busy this week so he will not be reviewing the Week 3 matches.

Week 3 Review

The Outback Fraghouse vs Train Station

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Outcome: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: As expected, The Outback Fraghouse was able to take this victory with ease. Unfortunately Train Station was just out matched.

Will’s MVP: Mothership

No.3 Pencils vs 5 Days Late: TV Movie

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Outcome: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: The other of the 2 rolls this week. Five Days clearly was unable to keep up with the raw amount of experience and DM No.3 Pencils has on such a staple map.

Will’s MVP: asian

Cafeteria Milk vs The Peach Creek Boys

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk
Outcome: 1-2 The Peach Creek Boys
Logs: First Half Second Half Thrid Half

Will’s review: A big upset coming out of The Peach Creek Boys. Cafeteria Milk clearly has the better DM, especially in the 2nd half getting 100 more kills than The Peach Creek Boys, but The Peach Creek Boys appears to be the more well coordinated team. Each round tells a different story from the last. The first round was VERY even in terms of kills and damage, with snoodles and Flower having a great round. The second round was absolute dominance by Cafeteria Milk, who were able to hold for almost 19 minutes, then push in a mere 4 minutes. The third half was back to a much more even game, with Uber Alles almost pulling 30 frags.

Will’s MVP: Uber Alles

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Utopia Turned Dystopian

Will’s Prediction: 2-1 EVHS Cheerleaders (MOTW)
Lasky’s Prediction: 1-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian (MOTW)
Outcome: 1-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian
Logs: First Half Second Half Thrid Half

Will’s review: A pretty even match between these 2 mid Main teams. ally for Utopia Turned Dystopian was able to consistently provide frags for his team. Western for EVHS Cheerleaders was also doing a good job of getting his team flank kills. Sniper vs Sniper wise FOAD and Caleb were also pretty even, with Caleb just squeaking ahead in frags. Bum also provided a solid performance all match, even going 30-7 in the third half.

Will’s MVP: Bum

We Overslept... vs Indian Panini

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 We Overslept...
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-1 We Overslept...
Outcome: 2-0 We Overslept...
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: While this game was 2-0, it was by no means a clear roll. I feel this win was supported mainly in part by Mana-_-Tea who tied top fragging in the server with 36 kills. While only getting 3 picks on combo over the match, he was able to handedly win the Sniper vs Sniper 8-2, and killed alfredodan 12 times, removing a lot of cap time from Indian Panini pushes.

Will’s MVP: Mana-_-Tea

Aureus vs Bye Week
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Bye Team
Outcome: N/A
Logs: N/A

Will’s review: Bye week lol

Will’s MVP: Bye week lol

Week 4 Predictions

The Outback Fraghouse vs No.3 Pencils
Will’s Prediction: 3-4 No.3 Pencils MOTW
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 The Outback Fraghouse MOTW

Will’s preview: Oh boy this’ll be quite the match. Both teams seem to have fairly similar flanks and combos, I think the pick classes are going to make or break this match. If asian for No.3 Pencils can have another insane performance like last week then The Outback Fraghouse will be in trouble if reigh can’t keep up. Trxter, while not having a lot of experience, has been performing VERY well recently, and could prove to be No.3 Pencils downfall if allowed to do whatever he wants.

Lasky’s preview: This match is going to be exciting to watch. Both teams have very strong flanks and pick classes, and it’s going to be very close. I think that the strong presence in Trxter will be enough to push that battle over the edge, and subsequently, the match.

Will’s Players to Watch: Trxter, asian
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Trxter, beep

We Overslept.. vs The Peach Creek Boys
Will’s Prediction: 4-2 We Overslept...
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-1 We Overslept...

Will’s preview: This should be a fairly close game, both teams have different high impact classes, which will lead to some close rounds. I gotta give the edge to We Overslept… due to the fact that Lakeside is a sniper heavy map and Mana-_-Tea is just a better sniper than ianf526. If Uber Alles can provide his team some good damage and frags, The Peach Creek Boys may have a chance.

Lasky’s preview: Unfortunately for The Peach Creek Boys, it doesn’t seem as though they perform well on this map. Other than Uber Alles, the team as a whole seems to have done poorly in scrims. In contrast, We Overslept… has performed well in scrims, especially Lad Duck and Cmdr. Cameron.

Will’s Players to Watch: Uber Alles, Mana-_-Tea
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Uber Alles, Cmdr. Cameron

Train Station vs dog
Will’s Prediction: 2-4 dog
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 Train Station

Will’s preview: While dog may have just lost to The Peach Creek Boys, I certainly don’t see them as a team to just roll over after 1 upset. snoodles has consistently performed very well, and I expect that to continue going into this match. If noot and illum can step up, dog may be in for one tough fight.

Lasky’s preview: This one is also going to be pretty close. Both teams seem to be playing evenly, but the player advantage in Jinzo and willow will push this over the edge. However, if page and Vizard show up to play, then this one will go in their favor.

Will’s Players to Watch: illum, page
Lasky’s Players to Watch: willow, page

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs Five Days
Will’s Prediction: 1-4 Five Days
Lasky’s Prediction: 3-4 Five Days

Will’s preview: Utopia Turned Dystopian has always had trouble winning koth, and have been having trouble in recent scrims. If ally and Caleb pop off Utopia Turned Dystopian may be able to pick up more rounds, but I ultimately can not see them winning.

Lasky’s preview: I think Five Days will probably win this one due to Utopia Turned Dystopian’s general weakness on koth, in addition to their strength in Dave. If ally and NukingDragons play out of their minds, then I think they can push this over.

Will’s Players to Watch: ally, Powerpuker
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Dave, ally

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Aureus
Will’s Prediction: 4-1 EVHS Cheerleaders
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-0 EVHS Cheerleaders

Will’s preview: While losing pops certainly hurt Aureus, their new demo of DeanTheTurtle wants to show he can fill those shoes. EVHS Cheerleaders should not have a problem in this match, but DeanTheTurtle maybe be enough to win them at least 1 round.

Lasky’s preview: After the loss of Pops, Aureus is struggling for direction. DeanTheTurtle has played out of his mind in scrims, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to carry the rest of his team.

Will’s Players to Watch: DeanTheTurtle. vohh
Lasky’s Players to Watch: DeanTheTurtle, Hellkatt

Indian Panini vs Bye Team
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Indian Panini

Will’s preview: Bye week lol

Lasky’s preview: Bye Team has a 3 game losing streak as away team, so I don’t see them winning. It’s even worse given that giraffe won’t be able to make it.

Will’s Players to Watch: Lasky, who thinks he owns me.
Lasky’s Players to Watch: WiLLmaTiC, the man of no fear.

Power Ranking Updates

1. No.3 Pencils
2. The Outback Fraghouse
3. EVHS Cheerleaders +1
4. We Overslept… +1
5. The Peach Creek Boys +3
6. dog (formerly Cafeteria Milk) -3
7. Utopia Turned Dystopian
8. Train Station -2
9. Five Days
10. Indian Panini +1
11. Aureus -1