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6v6 Season 1 Post Season Survey

   nabla   - 11/11/2019
With grand finals quickly approaching, season 2 is currently expected to start in early January of 2020. We are looking back at what we did right and wrong in our first season, so we can make our second season even better. Some of the things that are currently on my personal to do list include:
  • Working with our other RGL leagues to create a base league ruleset (eg. code of conduct)
  • Re-writing the sixes rules to be more clear and concise
  • Looking into changes or removal of how we rank teams using the point system
  • As well as various other things
We have big plans and want to do great things for season 2, but for that to happen we some help from all of you in the community.

Our post-season survey is officially open now and will close on November 8th. Please take this survey as we will look to it while making decisions for our upcoming seasons. Your voice is important! It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out and we’d really appreciate your input. The only requirement needed to take our survey is having been rostered on an RGL 6s team for at least three weeks this season. I will be personally reading all written responses from the survey so feel free to give any and all thoughts. If you are ineligible to take the survey (or miss the deadline) but would still like to share your concerns, please feel free to message me at Daffodil#9046 on discord. Thank you!

An article containing more specifics and information regarding season 2 will be released in early December after we review survey results. Good luck to the remaining playoff teams, and enjoy the rest of the season.

Here is our survey for IM, Main, Advanced, and Invite players.

Here is our survey Newcomer, Open, and Open Prime players.