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Main Week 2 Review and Week 3 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 10/20/2019
Week 2 has turned to ashes, and up next is Week 3. Week 3 is one of, if not the most popular Highlander map, Upward. Unfortunately, Upward does not appear to be getting the week it deserves, with most matches being rolls.

Week 2 Review

Train Station vs 5 Days Late: TV Movie

Will’s Prediction: 2-4 5 Days Late: TV Movie
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 Train Station MOTW
Outcome: 4-3 Train Station
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: Well I was certainly wrong about this match. I expected Papa Peach and Soala to have a much bigger impact on the flank for 5 Days Late: TV Movie. Jinzo had a great performance, scoring 36 frags with 10 of them specifically being on Soala. Interestingly however, 4 of guildknighnub’s 9 deaths were drops.

Lasky’s review: As expected, this one was very close. Both teams performed very strongly, with impressive numbers all around. Individually, both teams performed the same, but there were definite standouts in Jinzo and Powerpuker. Ultimately, what caused this match to go in Train Station’s favor was the 4 drops by guildnightnub.

Will’s MVP: Jinzo
Lasky’s MVP: Jinzo

We Overslept.. vs The Outback Fraghouse

Will’s Prediction: 2-4 The Outback Fraghouse
Lasky’s Prediction: 3-4 The Outback Fraghouse
Outcome: 0-4 The Outback Fraghouse
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: The Outback Fraghouse came into this match and did NOT mess around, taking a clean sweep over We Overslept… Honestly there’s not much about this match, The Outback Fraghouse had the better players all around and it showed.

Lasky’s review: Per individual, every single player on We Overslept was greatly outmatched by their opposite number. The Outback Fraghouse was dominant from the beginning and it showed, outfragging their opponent by 65 and outdamaging them by over 10000.

Will’s MVP: MDS
Lasky’s MVP: Powerpuker

EVHS Cheerleaders vs No.3 Pencils

Will’s Prediction: 1-4 No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-4 No.3 Pencils
Outcome: 1-4 No.3 Pencils
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: EVHS Cheerleaders face their first true test of Main. The pick classes for No.3 Pencils, asian and E_leet, had great games and were able to easily outdo their counterparts. No.3 Pencils only round lost came to bloompi dropping twice. Unfortunately, the excellent performance of Hellkatt could not get his team any more rounds.

Lasky’s review: No.3 Pencils certainly showed up to this one. Brick HugHouse performed incredibly well, with 28 frags. Additionally, asian and E_leet came out to play, with a combined total of 64 frags. For EVHS Cheerleaders, Western topped the server for medpicks at 5, and Hellkatt topfragged the server at 40. Despite these amazing individual performances, however, No.3 simply had the better combo, leading to the lopsided score.

Will’s MVP: E_leet
Lasky’s MVP: asian

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs Cafeteria Milk

Will’s Prediction: 2-4 Cafeteria Milk
Lasky’s Prediction: 1-4 Cafeteria Milk
Outcome: 1-3 Cafeteria Milk?
Logs: First and only Half

Will’s review: Looking at these logs it appears this match only had 1 round played first to 3? snoodles had a bomb of game, top fragging and top damaging in the server. For the most part, Cafeteria Milk overall had the better players. The only exception being Bum having a similar statline to Rikuus.

Lasky’s review: This game was lopsided to begin with. For the most part, Cafeteria Milk only slightly outperformed UTD on a class by class basis. However, there are exceptions. Berry, Kenvii, and maxie! All pretty well outdid their counterparts. What really pushed this over the edge was snoodles, who very strongly led his team to the win.

Will’s MVP: snoodles
Lasky’s MVP: snoodles

The Peach Creek Boys vs Aureus

Will’s Prediction: 3-4 Aureus MOTW
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-2 The Peach Creek Boys
Outcome: 4-2 The Peach Creek Boys
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half

Will’s review: The combo for The Peach Creek Boys really shined in this match, with both Uber Alles and chad420 getting over 30 kills. Flower also had a KA/D of 5.1 which is insane for a pyro. DeanTheTurtle had a great performance top fragging with 42 kills, unfortunately it was not enough for Aureus.

Lasky’s review: As expected, the Peach Creek Boys pretty handily won this one. Every single player on the Peach Creek Boys either went even with or outshined their opposite number. This is especially true when it comes to combo classes, though DeanTheTurtle proved to be an exception, outfragging 42 kills to 21. However, the better overall performance was clearly from The Peach Creek Boys.

Will’s MVP: Uber Alles
Lasky’s MVP: Uber Alles

Indian Panini vs Crystal Kingdom
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 4-0 Indian Panini (FFW)
Logs: NA

Will’s review: Crystal Kingdom died, rip in peace [*]

Lasky’s review: Team death is a myth created by WiLLmaTiC, but I think I buy in to this one.

Will’s MVP: Flem “UwU” Lasky
Lasky’s MVP: WiLLiaM AuTOmaTiC

Week 3 Predictions

The Outback Fraghouse vs Train Station
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse

Will’s preview: The Outback Fraghouse has been playing phenomenally these last 2 matches. Unfortunately for Train Station I just can’t see them taking a round off this team currently.

Lasky’s preview: The Outback Fraghouse is a very easy favorite for this match, through no fault of Train Station. They simply have performed exceptionally both in recent times and on this map. Reigh and Mothership have done a lot for them, and I think they will continue to do so.

Will’s Players to Watch: reigh, Jinzo
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Reigh, c0ry

No.3 Pencils vs 5 Days Late: TV Movie
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 No.3 Pencils

Will’s preview: The largely untested 5 Days Late: TV Movie has an uphill battle ahead of them. Some players on No.3 Pencils have been playing Upward for 4+ years at this point, not to mention the superior DM. 5 Days Late: TV Movie may be able to pick up a round if they play absolutely flawlessly, but I can’t see No.3 Pencils letting that happen.

Lasky’s preview: Coming back to a more synergy and less dm based map, No.3 Pencils is the easy favorite. Their combo has had 2+ seasons playing together, and much longer on Upward. I expect asian and spaghetti to help out their team a lot in this one.

Will’s Players to Watch: katryna, Powerpuker
Lasky’s Players to Watch: asian, Powerpuker

Cafeteria Milk vs The Peach Creek Boys
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk

Will’s preview: Currently The Peach Creek Boys have only played low/mid Main teams, Cafeteria Milk will be a good test to see if they have what it takes to hang with some high Main teams. The recent addition of chad420 to The Peach Creek Boys has proven very effective DM wise, it will be interesting to see how that translates into combo coordination. In addition, Cafeteria Milk dropping a round to Utopia Turned Dystopian may give The Peach Creek Boys some hope in winning a round.

Lasky’s preview: Unfortunately for the Peach Creek Boys, I don’t see them coming close to winning this unless they get their act together. Cafeteria Milk has had strong performances on this map, even beating the odd advanced team, while just recently the Peach Creek Boys lost a scrim against an IM team. I don’t see them having much success, but I’d love to be proven wrong with a closer game.

Will’s Players to Watch: Vizard, Uber Alles
Lasky’s Players to Watch: snoodles, Uber Alles

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Utopia Turned Dystopian
Will’s Prediction: 2-1 EVHS Cheerleaders (MOTW)
Lasky’s Prediction: 1-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian (MOTW)

Will’s preview: Finally, a match that won’t be super one sided. In recent Upward scrims, FOAD has been putting in some serious work, out SvSing both snipers he has faced, providing his team a lot of room to work with. On the flip side, the combo of Ketjelly and Bum have been doing a great job working together as a cohesive unit, being able to push a 6 minute time. This game has a good chance to go either way, but it certainly won’t be a quick one.

Lasky’s preview: This one is gonna be good. On paper, EVHS Cheerleaders should be the favorite to win this match, but historically Utopia Turned Dystopian has done much better on payload maps than they have on koth maps. If Caleb can keep up with FOAD, then this game is all but locked in. If not, I think it’s going to be Utopia Turned Dystopian’s combo that makes the difference.

Will’s Players to Watch: FOAD, Ketjelly
Lasky’s Players to Watch: FOAD, Ketjelly

We Overslept... vs Indian Panini
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 We Overslept...
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-1 We Overslept...

Will’s preview: I may have predicted a 2-0 win, but I don’t expect Indian Panini to take it lying down. SSaiyanFTW has been getting a lot of sniper and combo frags in scrims and I expect him to make quick work of Indian Panini. dro has been having some decent scrims and has been able to pull out some impressive frags and damage.

Lasky’s preview: Not too long ago, I would have predicted this one to be a 2-0. However, with Indian Panini’s recent pickup of Miiike and shim, that might be enough for them to take a round. However, I don’t expect them to carry Indian Panini past the likes of Soap, MANA-_-TEA, and SSaiyanFTW.

Will’s Players to Watch: SSaiyanFTW, dro
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Soap, shim

Aureus vs Bye Week
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Bye Team

Will’s preview: A much needed break for Aureus, especially after losing pops.

Lasky’s preview: Aureus could get a round here if they can manage to find where Etney is and get him down before he bombs. Otherwise, it’s a 2-0.

Will’s Players to Watch: N/A
Lasky’s Players to Watch: N/A

Power Ranking Updates

1. No.3 Pencils
2. The Outback Fraghouse +1
3. Cafeteria Milk -1
4. EVHS Cheerleaders
5. We Overslept..
6. Train Station
7. Utopia Turned Dystopian
8. The Peach Creek Boys
9. 5 Days Late: TV Movie +1
10. Aureus -1
11. Indian Panini