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Season 4 Week 1 Review and Week 2 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 10/13/2019
Week 1 has come to an end and week 2 is starting. Starting this week, Lasky joins into the articles to provide his insights on the upcoming matches. Coming off Swiftwater, a map that’s so heavy on strategy and synergy, it’ll be interesting to see how teams will adapt to a much more DM focused focused map in Ashville.

Week 1 Review

No.3 Pencils vs Cafeteria Milk

Will’s Prediction: 1-2 Cafeteria Milk MOTW
Lasky’s Prediction: 1-2 Cafeteria Milk
Outcome: 2-1 No.3 Pencils
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

Will’s review: Quite an interesting match between two of the top teams in Main this season. Both rounds that No.3 Pencils won, they were able to hold them at 4th. On the flipside, Cafeteria Milk got overall more frags than No.3 Pencils. With Cafeteria Milk’s starting sniper hyon getting suspended, they moved their main Scout maxie! to play sniper this match. Speaking of maxie!, they had a great game tying the top frag spot with No.3 Pencils’s spaghetti. spaghetti was absolutely dominating on the flank, scoring a combined 32 kills on flank classes.

Lasky’s review: We predicted an interesting match, and it certainly was one. spaghetti completely took Cafeteria Milk’s flank out of the equation with 63 kills total, while E_leet did a ton of work on spy, with 5 medpicks total. Vizard and maxie! Were phenomenal, with maxie! Tying for the server topfrag at 63, and Vizard doing a solid amount of work at 54 frags. Unfortunately for them though, it wasn’t enough to carry their team, and they lose a close match in this one.

Will’s MVP: spaghetti
Lasky’s MVP: spaghetti

The Outback Fraghouse vs Indian Panini

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Outcome: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: As expected, The Outback Fraghouse was able to make short work of Indian Panini, outclassing them in every facet. trxtr was able to apply constant pressure to Indian Panini’s sniper and combo, which allowed The Outback Fraghouse to constantly apply pressure. One thing that is extremely odd however, is Mothership tied for 2nd top frag with reigh, but only had 4000 damage as heavy.

Lasky’s review: Not a terribly exciting match to be seen. It was expected for The Outback Fraghouse to roll, and that they did, not allowing Indian Panini to ever cap 4th, much less last. trxtr and reigh absolutely pounded in this one, with 62 frags between them, compared to the mere 42 of their competition. This is tandem with great synergy between Mothership and Momo carried The Outback Fraghouse to the win.

Will’s MVP: trxtr
Lasky’s MVP: trxtr

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Crystal Kingdom

Will’s Prediction: 2-0 EVHS Cheerleaders
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 EVHS Cheerleaders
Outcome:2-0 EVHS Cheerleaders
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Will’s review: Another onesided match, EVHS Cheerleaders faced little opposition outside of Kyappy. EVHS Cheerleaders fragging classes, except for Ryuk, were all able to keep over a 1.5 KA/D, and made quick work of this match.

Lasky’s review: As was expected, EVHS Cheerleaders took this one and ran with it. Individually, every single player on EVHS Cheerleaders outperformed their opposite number by a fair amount, with the exception of Warg, who managed to do some work for his combo. Overall, not much to be said, EVHS Cheerleaders was simply the better team here.

Will’s MVP: Kugelweber
Lasky’s MVP: FOAD

Aureus vs We Overslept..

Will’s Prediction: 1-2 We Overslept..
Lasky’s Prediction: 0-2 We Overslept..
Outcome: 0-2 We Overslept..
Logs: First Half Second Half

Will’s review: This match was much more one sided than I originally thought. We Overslept proves to have a solid defense, able to hold Aureus on second in the first half, then holding them for 17 minutes. Cmdr Cameron was able to pull off an insane 36-11 K/D in the second half, who proved to be the immovable object Aureus could not get past. Lad Duck and Yaeng also had an easy time on flank, out fragging them both halves.

Lasky’s review: This match was much more one-sided than I originally thought. Despite the 0-2 prediction, I thought the rounds would at least be close. In reality, this match wasn’t close at all. Lad Duck and absolutely dominated for the whole match, with Soap also putting in a ton of work. vohh did his best to answer back, but it simply wasn’t enough.

Will’s MVP: Cmdr Cameron
Lasky’s MVP: Cmdr Cameron

The Peach Creek Boys vs Utopia Turned Dystopian

Will’s Prediction: 0-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian
Lasky’s Prediction: 0-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian
Outcome: 1-2 Utopia Turned Dystopian
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half

Will’s review: Utopia Turned Dystopian dropping a round to The Peach Creek Boys makes me wonder if there are some internal issues with the team, or if Swiftwater just wasn't their map. Ketjelly had a very good game, top fragging in the server with 70. While Mr. Z proved his Advanced experience comes in handy top fragging on his team with 66. Interestingly, pick classes for both teams struggled, not able to get a whole lot done.

Lasky’s review: This map was as close as it could get, with both of Utopia Turned Dystopian’s wins being only by one second. Ketjelly led his team to the win, with notable performances also coming from Ally, and geen, who rang for the second and third half. Mr. Z put in a ton of work on flank, but it just barely wasn’t enough to bring it back.

Will’s MVP: Ketjelly
Lasky’s MVP: Ketjelly

Train Station vs awoolander
Will’s Prediction: 2-0 Train Station
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-0 Train Station
Outcome: 2-0 Train Station (FFW)
Logs: NA

Will’s review: Awoolander died, leading to a free forfeit win for Train Station.

Lasky’s review: After awoolander died, Train Station was initially going to be scheduled against Bye Team. However, seeing they had a bye week, some of the players on Bye Team including wax, and stabbystabby decided to retire and not play, along with some others. This lack of players forced Bye Team to give Train Station a forfeit win, and 3 match points.

Will’s MVP: Lasky
Lasky’s MVP: WiLLmaTiC

Week 2 Predictions

Train Station vs 5 Days Late: TV Movie
Will’s Prediction: 2-4 5 Days Late: TV Movie
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-3 Train Station MOTW

Will’s preview: This should be a fairly interesting game. 5 Days Late: TV Movie recently picked up Bon Qui Qui, who if on sniper will provide them a massive advantage in the pick class department. Train Station’s geen rang for Utopia Turned Dystopian on Swiftwater and was able to drop 30 frags, and on a map like Ashville I can only imagine him to play a major role on his flank.

Lasky’s preview: I think this game is going to be incredibly close. Both of these teams seem to be around the same skill level on koth. Originally I put this at 4-2 in favor of Train Station, with their strong flank in geen and Cutimus. However, with the strong combo led by happy eye, and the recent pickup of Bon Qui Qui, I definitely think this one could go either way. This match will be incredibly close, and definitely one to watch.

Will’s Players to Watch: Bon Qui Qui, geen
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Bon Qui Qui, geen

We Overslept.. vs The Outback Fraghouse
Will’s Prediction: 2-4 The Outback Fraghouse
Lasky’s Prediction: 3-4 The Outback Fraghouse

Will’s preview: Recent 3rd place IM team We Overslept faces one of the teams with a high probability of placing. I expect both Lad Duck and Prograde to be big players in each team’s success. We Overslept has the better combo while The Outback Fraghouse probably has better pick classes, and both teams will need to work around their strengths to succeed. I don’t expect the rounds to be taken for free, so both teams should have a good match on their hands.

Lasky’s preview: With both teams coming hot off the heels of a win on Swiftwater, it’ll be interesting to see how they adapt to the polar opposite map in Ashville. Both flanks are very strong, with both Lad Duck and MDS showing great promise. Both combos are also very solid, with the main players being Soap, and Mothership. In the end, what will win this match is The Outback Fraghouse’s pick classes, with Reigh being a real force in that department.

Will’s Players to Watch: Lad Duck, Prograde
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Soap, Reigh

EVHS Cheerleaders vs No.3 Pencils
Will’s Prediction: 1-4 No.3 Pencils
Lasky’s Prediction: 2-4 No.3 Pencils

Will’s preview: With EVHS Cheerleaders being placement hopefuls, this will be a great test of their DM. Having to deal with Beep and spaghetti will be a tough fight to win. Unfortunately for EVHS Cheerleaders, I can’t see them taking more than 1 round off seasoned Main players.

Lasky’s preview: This match isn’t looking to be terribly exciting. Given No.3’s strength in spaghetti, jbird, and Brick Hughouse, it’ll be tough for EVHS Cheerleaders to compete. If Hellkittah and Western can manage to keep No.3’s flank and pick classes pressured, it could be closer, but otherwise I don’t see it happening.

Will’s Players to Watch: Kugelweber, spaghetti
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Western, spaghetti

Utopia Turned Dystopian vs Cafeteria Milk
Will’s Prediction: 2-4 Cafeteria Milk
Lasky’s Prediction: 1-4 Cafeteria Milk

Will’s preview: While I did predict a 2-4 win for Cafeteria Milk, I do not expect Utopia Turned Dystopian to just roll over. ally for Utopia Turned Dystopian had a good Swiftwater match, and their combo performed extremely well. Cafeteria Milk is still missing their starting sniper, so it is unknown if they plan on shuffling up their roster again, or if they will have a sub sniper play. Vizard for Cafeteria Milk will have to be respected on this map, and will cause big problems for Utopia Turned Dystopian if left unchecked.

Lasky’s preview: Unfortunately for Utopia Turned Dystopian, they don’t have a very good history on more dm focused maps. While they might have some good individuals in ally and Ketjelly, I don’t think it’s enough to win. With Cafeteria Milk’s strength in Rikuus and Vizard, Utopia Turned Dystopian is going to have to come out swinging if they want to make this one competitive.

Will’s Players to Watch: ally, Vizard
Lasky’s Players to Watch: ally, Vizard

The Peach Creek Boys vs Aureus
Will’s Prediction: 3-4 Aureus MOTW
Lasky’s Prediction: 4-2 The Peach Creek Boys

Will’s preview: I expect this to be a heated match. The Peach Creek Boys were able to take a round off Utopia Turned Dystopian, which is about the same skill level as Aureus. shohh for Aureus appears to be a more DM focused demo, so the DM focus of KoTH should suit him well. On the side of The Peach Creek Boys, Mr. Z poses an ever looming threat for other teams flank, daring to challenge him.

Lasky’s preview: I think the Peach Creek Boys will win this one if they don’t get complacent. darty and Mr. Z both are incredibly strong on flank, and Uber Alles looks to do work for them as well. However, Aureus has incredible strength in both shohh and vohh. If Aureus can play off these two, then they can make this game much closer.

Will’s Players to Watch: Mr. Z, shohh
Lasky’s Players to Watch: Mr. Z, vohh

Indian Panini vs Crystal Kingdom
Will’s Prediction: N/A
Lasky’s Prediction: N/A

Will’s preview: Indian Panini was supposed to be playing Crystal Kingdom, however unfortunately Crystal Kingdom has died. This would have been a close match against 2 low Main teams, but we will never know.

Lasky’s preview: Since Will gets to go first, he said it. I got nothin.

Will’s Players to Watch: N/A
Lasky’s Players to Watch: N/A

The Graveyard

Awoolander and Crystal Kingdom have both died.

Power Ranking Updates

1. No.3 Pencils +1
2. Cafeteria Milk -1
3. The Outback Fraghouse
4. EVHS Cheerleaders
5. We Overslept..
6. Train Station +1
7. Utopia Turned Dystopian -1
8. The Peach Creek Boys
9. Aureus
10. 5 Days Late: TV Movie
11. Indian Panini