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Sigafoo takes a break, exa_ steps up as head admin of RGL

   exa_   - 12/7/2019
Sigafoo will be taking a break from his current roles under the organization. He has the following statement regarding his decision and reflection of the league thus far:

“For the upcoming 2020 season I will be taking a reduced role at RGL. I've been playing TF2 since the very beginning and it has played a big role in my life throughout my adulthood. RGL was made to challenge TF2 and grow TF2. For so long we've been stuck with leagues that have little interest in growth, change, or trying to move the scene forward. RGL is a disruptor with trying out new rules, new formats, and new ideas. You may not agree with every action and we don't agree with every action we do in hindsight, but we listen, we adapt and ultimately become a better league from it and if we do it well, we grow.

Our Highlander league, led by exa_, is a great example of this. Every single season of Highlander has seen very consistent and stable growth inside of the NA scene. In the 12th year of TF2, I think that's amazing and something that we should strive for. We hold players accountable for their actions, no matter how big you are in the scene. Take a real stance against sandbagging and creating spaces for players to play in a fair and fun environment. I think these are just a couple examples of things that we do as a league, that create a better environment for players to play in and want to play in.

I will still be a part of this community and a part of RGL but will be looking forward to a little break from the day to day operations that encompasses being the Head Admin for all of RGL. RGL has been built up not because of me, but because of the community. I want to thank every single person who has helped RGL get to the point where it is now. I also want to thank the players who choose to be a positive force inside of the community. The players who choose to be thoughtful, kind and helpful are the ones who help grow TF2 the most. 2020 is looking to be an amazing year for RGL and I look forward to RGL bringing the best league experience that it can for our players.”


Filling in the gap

With sigafoo taking an indefinite leave from the organization, exa_ will be stepping up as the new Head Admin of RGL.

I have been the Head Admin of RGL Highlander for 4 seasons and counting. My plan is to take my experience and lessons learned from admining this format and carry it to the rest of the league. It is apparent that there are fundamental issues that are present within the formats and regions of the organization and my plan is to not only address and fix them, but also do my best to grow RGL with the introduction of other future projects.

Below are the listed of internal and public goals that I hope to address:

  • Site Development

Site development for the league is a topic that gets mentioned a lot by our player base. Pivotal site functionality like a public ban page, team logos, dark mode, and a match day roster verifier on the site are examples of tasks that we plan to implement. With us recently picking up new site developers (Aad & tua), it should be noted that updates will be churning out as soon as they are completed.

Other areas of interest include having a public note box on every player page and team page that admins can edit. This could potentially be used to have class restrictions for players on a team that anyone can readily view. Additionally, this will allow us to be more transparent with our player base about which players are being approved on a class for a division.

We encourage players to post website suggestions in our thread here.

  • Anti-Cheat

Plans for anti-cheat and reporting expansion is something that we were going to heavily push for and rework. This would allow for a better system in place to deal with high profile cases. How exactly this will work will be better outlined in the offseason, but it should be noted that this was in the works for a definite 2020 release.

  • Communication among different format admins

This is a topic that has created issues in the league in the past. In RGL, admins are split up by formats (e.g. 6s admins do not deal with the issues/conflicts that arise in Highlander, and vice versa). While this has been a structure that existed in RGL ever since the introduction of new formats, a major issue is that there is not enough effective communication (or lack thereof) amongst admins of these different formats.

As such, improving communication between admins across our supported formats is a major focus and something that we plan to fix before the start of the next seasons of our currently supported formats. This should help to address the issues of bans that occur when players play in multiple formats, as well as any topics that may overlap the different formats. This also includes having consistent discord bans/mutes for the multiple RGL Discord servers that exist.

  • Public Relations

Public relations have been an area that has led to ill-opinions regarding the values and direction of the league. This is often due to staff not involved with the case responding and/or not having a clear designated admin to clear up misconceptions. It should be noted that this is something that we are actively looking into fixing. Proceeding on in the future, having the staffing teams communicate among each other, come up with a conclusion, and then having a Head Admin (e.g. Daffodil or exa_) make a public statement regarding the conclusion of a case (when necessary) would help to improve transparency and avoid any confusion between the communication of our player base and the league.

  • Staff Recruitment

We will be looking to add a Senior staff member for each of our departments (anti-cheat, news writing, production, GFX, etc.) This will allow for better, more streamlined management of these departments.

Additionally, we are looking for new staff applicants for our formats. For our Traditional 6v6 format, half of the division admins stepped down early in the season due to availability issues, which made the distribution of proper administration work unequal and difficult for the remaining staff that had to look over multiple divisions to properly manage.

We're looking for mature, driven individuals to join our Admin team who can help us continue to deliver a great platform to ever greater players. Admins are expected to help resolve match issues, player issues, and help build their respective divisions schedule alongside the rest of the Admin team.

Admins may also be asked for input on things like offseason events, graphic design, and other things across the league.

Critical thinking and excellent problem-solving skills are a must, as well as some understanding of our rules which can be found here.

If you would like to apply, you can fill out a form here, and from there we will go through the submissions and potentially ask for a follow-up.

Apply for RGL Staff Here.

  • Global Ruleset for

Having a global ruleset for and its formats and regions is something that can assist in removing the confusion that our players have when playing another format. It has been a concern in the past when players participating in different formats have different rules or policies (or lack thereof) regarding ringers, sandbagging, and racism/harassment. The idea is to have consistency among the overarching rules that govern all the formats and regions under RGL, which serves to ensure that not only are the staff are on the same page, but that there are no discrepancies regarding cases that may happen in different formats.

Below are several projects that RGL is currently working on:

  • LANs

With the introduction of traditional 6s in RGL, the possibility of a North American LAN was a topic that many players were interested in. While we have not been able to give much information on this, we are planning on hosting an Invite Playoffs LAN for the second season of RGL 6v6.

More concrete details will be announced extremely soon.

  • RGL Pugging System

The idea of a streamlined pugging system for RGL has been an area that we have been looking into for a while. While the development of such a system can require many hours of development work, we are happy to announce that a pug platform is an area that we are looking to have under the RGL umbrella.

We have run PUGs out of our official RGL discord, but for 6s, we would like to transition to a fully-fledged pugging service with a special focus on new player engagement.

We would like to formally thank everyone for being a part of our organization so far. We hope to push into 2020 with these changes and continually push to make the league better for everyone. Thanks!

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