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Advanced Week 1 Match Write-Ups and Week 2 Predictions


   Bonesaw   - 10/13/2019
After an exciting Week 1 on Swiftwater, with some predictable and some not-so-predictable results, the teams in Advanced are now looking to keep their winning streak alive, or get that first W. With that in mind, let's take a look at the results of the Week 1 matches.

1 Korean, 9 Keyboards vs. The On God Team (2-0)

An exciting upset match between two of the teams I had placed in mid-Advanced with my No. 5 team (1 Korean) taking a surprising 2-0 defeat against my No. 7 team On God. While it was not a roll (despite what the scoreline might suggest) it was a clean victory for On God, with almost their whole team out-performing their respective opposing class. Kami went especially huge in the second half for 1 Korean to match the excellent first half of stutterduck but it wasn't quite enough to swing the round in his team's favor. wild also went crazy this match, top fragging and killing the enemy medic 5 times (more than his spy and sniper combined). While I probably won't mention Engies much in these write-ups, Gramps also had a solid performance for On God, dying only 9 times in the whole match while getting 20 kills. This certainly helped his team secure the W in their first match.

MVPs of the Match: wild, Kami, Gramps

marker and e-boy vs. catch the chach (2-0)

From my power rankings, this was a fairly predictable match result. Lopsided in both Kills and Damage, it was a fairly one-sided match. However, that did not stop WiLLmaTiC and Sylon[DMS] from having outstanding performances for catch the chach with the former top-fragging in the whole match with 45 kills (at one point having a 13 killstreak) and the latter getting 15 picks on the combo over the course of the match. Perhaps the most surprising stat is Lehcs for marker and the e-boy second-fragging in the match with 41 kills on a payload map.

MVPs of the Match: WiLLmaTiC, Sylon[DMS}, Lehcs, Markers

division dysphoria vs. Turbo Alcoholics (2-0)

Perhaps the most one-sided match of the week, with division dysphoria getting almost twice the kills (193 to 113) of Turbo Alcoholics, Across every class division dysphoria performed exceptionally well with surprisingly solid performances from both of their EU players extrasolar and piney despite both having over 100 ping. The rest of the combo in brandon and cookie were also nothing to scoff at. With the exception of deadpixel for Turbo Alcoholics no one else on their team seemed like they could compete with my No. 3 ranked team as they asserted their dominance.

MVPs of the Match: piney, brandon, extrasolar, deadpixel

gotta blast vs. STARDUST CRUSADERS (2-1)

While I was expecting this match to be a pretty easy win for gotta blast, ghost's team showed that they were no pushovers, taking the first round off of gotta blast largely off of standout performances by ghost, june, and podgy713. However, after that round, gotta blast seemed to regroup and took the final two rounds fairly handily. While not enough to swing the match in their favor, the pickups of june and Nooomi will probably help ghost's team secure more match wins going forward. However, that can also be said about the flank of myk and josh for gotta blast, who proved just how deadly they can be with one or both top-fragging for their team every round of the match.

MVPs of the Match: ghost, june, josh, myk

Oprah Winfrey Network vs. Home Depot eSports (2-1)

The first major upset of the season with the team I had ranked at the bottom of Advanced beating the team I had ranked No. 4. Extremely well-played by oWn, this match was by far the closest of the week. The combo of Secretly Satan and Joey Lemons performed super-well, with both outfragging and outdamaging Luigi and zbra who both played well themselves. animus for Home Depot got an incredible 74 kills over the course of the match, once again proving that he is probably the best Scout currently playing in Advanced. This match could have gone either way and, although Home Depot might be kicking themselves for losing this, both teams should be happy for playing well.

MVPs of the Match: animus, tosm, Secretly Satan, Joey Lemons.

Banned from RGL vs. Bye Week

An upset victory.

MVPS of the Match: meatball and reflecto for managing to get their team together in time for their Week 2 match.

New Power Rankings

The results of this weeks matches confirmed how good some teams were, but also made me question my placement of other teams. Also of note is that team Banned from RGL has now gotten 9 players. This is their roster for the season:


While I honestly do not know enough about these players, and have not seem them scrim, you can expect that they will probably have some of the strongest players on the division on 6s classes. Expect solid numbers out of umlpst, caboose, phone, and meatball. nect0 is a tried-and-true engineer main, bringing some much-needed knowledge of the game-mode to his otherwise mostly-6s-main team.

1. marker and e-boy
2. gotta blast
3. division dysphoria
4 Home Depot eSports
5 Banned from RGL
6. The On God Team ( +1 )
7. 1 Korean, 9 Keyboards ( -2 )
8. Oprah Winfrey Network ( +2 )
9. Turbo Alcoholics ( -3 )
11. catch the chach ( -1 )

Week 2 Predictions

division dysphoria vs. The On God Team (4-1)

Despite the solid showing of The On God Team in Week 1, I doubt that they will be able to stop division dysphoria's winning streak. The combo of brandon and extrasolar is much stronger on-paper than the combo of wild and attentiondeficit. Fortunately for On God, piney will probably struggle to do quite as much on a non-Sniper map giving the chance for On God to make something happen. If something does it will probably come off the back of plays by stutterduck but I think that stutterduck will probably have his hands full trying to deal with Cheers and Diego who both flexed their muscle in the last match.

Players to Watch: brandon, extrasolar, stutterduck, CraftKitty

marker and e-boy vs. Banned from RGL (4-2) MOTW

Banned from RGL has the good fortune of having excellent 6s classes on one of the best maps for 6s classes in Highlander Rotation this season. They will no doubt put up a strong showing especially with a (probably) strong flank of umlpst and caboose along with solid pick classes in phone. However, as a no-scrim team it may be challenging for them to out-coordinate team marker and e-boy who do not like significantly weaker on any particular class with strong flank players in Lehcs and pup. The combo of Avian, |Bonesaw|, and has also seemed solid throughout the pre-season and Week 1. This match has the potential to be very close and could go either way but I think that marker and the e-boy will edge this one out with their seriousness about the game-mode versus a more laid-back no-scrim team.

Players to Watch: Avian, Lehcs, caboose, phone

gotta blast vs. Oprah Winfrey Network (4-1)

While Oprah Winfrey Network showed that they are one of the best teams that mid-Advanced has to offer, gotta blast is substantially stronger than Home Depot eSports and their uniquely strong flank in myk and josh will almost certainly pose major roadblocks to the success of Oprah Winfrey Network in this match. While Joey Lemons and Secretly Satan did a lot of work in their last match, they will probably struggle to do as much when faced with another strong combo in nickk and Joey Lemons and his squad play very well they might be able to take another round or two but a straight-up win seems very unlikely.

Players to Watch: myk, josh, Nerdaloid, Joey Lemons

STARDUST CRUSADERS vs. Home Depot eSports (1-4)

While Home Depot may have had a disappointing Week 1, I doubt they will have been shaken enough to lose this match. I still believe that they are strong contenders for Top Advanced while ghost's team just does not seem like they are there yet. Home Depot also has the advantage of having animus and Wubs who have been putting up very solid numbers in their matches as well as the tried-and-true combo of zbra and Luigi. While the flank of Rushie and june for STARDUST is nothing to scoff at, I doubt that the flank vs. flank will be very close. The same is true with the combo vs. combo potential of Glaistig and Nooomi being, at least on-paper, both weaker on their classes than the respective combo of Home Depot. That being said, if ghost goes as insane as she did in her match against gotta blast, STARDUST may be able to make this close.

Players to Watch: zbra, animus, june, ghost

1 Korean, 9 Keyboards vs. Turbo Alcoholics (4-2)

While 1 Korean may have lost last week to lay's team, but they are looking to take a W against team Turbo Alcoholics. san antonio 1998 green mustang and Kami are coming off of very solid performances in their match and both have the ability to do a lot of work this week. On the flip side, you have a strong combo in TeatsMcGee and Rue who can do a lot of work on this map. Across the rest of the classes for both of these teams, the matchups seem fairly even. Overall, this should not be as lopsided as some of the matchups this week but I doubt that Turbo Alcoholics will be able to take the W here.

Players to Watch: Kami, san antonio 1998 green mustang, Kronky, TeatsMcGeee, deadpixel

catch the chach vs. Bye Week (4-3)

Will this be Another Easy Victory For The Boys?

Players to Watch: WiLLmaTiC who may or may not kill his team (therefore giving the win to Bye Week) to avoid playing in this potentially tough-as-nails matchup. While they may not play the match, you can expect big things out of the schedules of Space Ghost's Coffee and Wall throughout the rest of the season.

Good Luck to all Teams in their Matches this Week!

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