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Season 4 Main Team Introductions, Power Rankings, and Week 1 Preds


   WiLLmaTiC   - 10/7/2019
RGL Highland Season 4 is about to be in full swing. Currently we have a healthy mix of returning high Main teams, placement IM teams, and brand new teams. I expect the top spot to be hotly contested over the course of the season. Below we will dive a bit deeper into each team and spotlight the high impact players on each team.

Teams, Rosters, and Power Rankings

Cafeteria Milk

  • maxie!
  • jel
  • CheeseCalzone
  • snoodles
  • Rikkus
  • Kenvii
  • nujito
  • hyon
  • Vizard

Cafeteria Milk, the recent 3rd place Main team, is looking snag the Gold this season. New addition hyon, has been pulling some great numbers in recent scrims and will definitely be a big factor in his teams success. snoodles moving from Pyro to Demo which has been proving effective. What worries me about this team are the attacking classes ( maxie!, jel, and CheeseCalzone). While jel, performed adequately last season, both maxie! and CheeseCalzone, don’t appear to have the experience to play at a high main level, which could lead to some holes in the flank and in the combo.

Players to watch: hyon, snoodles

Power ranking: 1

No.3 Pencils

  • Beep
  • spaghetti
  • Assault Potato
  • Katryna
  • Brick Hughouse
  • Cristanc
  • Bloompi
  • jbird
  • e_leet

No.3 Pencils is the other returning high Main team from Season 3. Admittedly, last season I had ranked No.3 Pencils at 2nd, where subsequently they did not have a good season, ultimately placing 7th. This season the combo of katryna, Brick Hughouse, and Assault Potato returns. The new flank of Beep and spaghetti are definitely going to be a flank to be reckoned with, and is a direct upgrade to their flank last season. One thing that hurts this team is the loss of milk, however his replacement jbird is a very well known, amazing sniper and rounds this team out really nicely. Unfortunately, I’ve been told jbird is only a temporary spot filler, potentially leaving No.3 Pencils in a tough spot.

Players to watch: jbird, spaghetti

Power Ranking: 2

The Outback Fraghouse

  • Prograde
  • MDS
  • Juniper
  • Toucan Slam
  • Mothership
  • Joey
  • Bible
  • reigh
  • trxtr

The Outback Fraghouse is the last of the returning Main teams. The core of MDS, Toucan Slam, Joey, Bible, and reigh are all returning from Season 3’s Loud Noises. The flank of Prograde and may be the best flank in Main this season, and will be a nightmare for teams to deal with effectively. reigh had a great season last season, they should be able to carry that momentium forward into Season 4. The primary concerns I have with this team are Mothership and trxtr. While Mothership is a great Engineer, I don’t know how that will translate into playing Heavy. trxtr on the other hand does not have a whole lot of experience, and may not be able to keep up with some of the experienced Spies in high Main.

Players to watch: reigh, Prograde

Power Ranking: 3

EVHS Cheerleaders

  • Hellcat
  • Western
  • Vin-Syl
  • Kugelweber
  • Teck
  • Squid
  • FOAD
  • Ryuk

EVHS Cheerleaders seem like a very well rounded Main team. Hellcat has been killing it in scrims lately and has been effectively working with Western. FOAD has been able to keep up with other snipers around his ranking on the Power Rankings, however it remains to be seen how he will handle more experienced snipers higher in the division. Ryuk has been moderately quiet so far, but has had scrims where he really shined and I expect him to keep getting better as the season progresses.

Players to watch: Hellcat, FOAD

Power Ranking: 4

We Overslept...

  • Lad Duck
  • Yaeng
  • Nado
  • Soap
  • Cmdr Cameron
  • james8470
  • Duno
  • MANA-_-TEA
  • SSaiyanFTW

Recent 3rd place IM winners, We Overslept is looking to make a name for themselves in Main. The stars of We Overslept are definitely MANA-_-TEA and Soap. MANA-_-TEA, while a bit streaky, can absolutely carry this team through some round wins. Soap on the other hand also has some great DM and coordinate his team very effectively. SSaiyanFTW was pretty impressive last season and has already put up some decent numbers, which will surely help their team. Lad Duck and Yaeng have been performing fairly well so far on the flank, and it will be interesting to see how their season goes. What worries me about this team is the recent roster shake up, and having to completely replace their combo. With the season just around the corner will they have time to build up the cohesion that was recently lost?

Players to watch: MANA-_-TEA, Soap

Power ranking: 5

Utopia Turned Distopian

  • ally
  • Tribes
  • Pills
  • Ketjelly
  • Bum
  • Morgoth714
  • Orion
  • Caleb
  • NukingDragons

Season 3 IM Champions Utopia Turned Distopian get promoted to Main and are looking to stake their claim. The flank of ally and Tribes have been performing pretty well recently on flank. Ketjelly has been pulling very strong numbers against some of the top Main demos. Pills being an ex-Spy main should be able to be a strong asset in keeping the enemy spy off their combo. The pick classes however, need to step it up. Caleb is no slouch, but has not had the best performances recently. NukingDragons has also been pretty quiet recently as well. If this team can adapt to what comes their way in Main, we could see another potential placement contender.

Players to watch: ally, Ketjelly

Power Ranking: 6

Train Station

  • Cutimus
  • geen
  • Res
  • c0ry
  • Jinzo
  • Green Al Dankovic
  • Guildknightnub
  • noot
  • illum

This 4th place IM move up team seems pretty solidly Mid-Main. The combo of c0ry and Jinzo have been absolutely killing it in scrims. While the flank of Cutimus and green have been doing alright. Unfortunately the pick classes seem to be lacking in recent logs, which could prove fatal if the other team has strong pick classes. The recent addition of Guildknightnub, who is experienced in a high Main setting, will definitely help in rounding out their team.

Players to watch: c0ry, Jinzo

Power Ranking: 7

The Peach Creek Boys

  • jimbob
  • Mr. Z
  • Flower
  • Uber Alles
  • Xapto
  • Multitonic
  • Kasper
  • ianf526
  • Lucki

The Peach Creek Boys seem to be a strange hodgepodge of the IM team Consider, one or two low Main season 3 players, then Mr. Z, an advanced soldier. Mr. Z will be a big player on this team, being able to effectively control the flank with his superior DM. Uber Alles has been proving to be a strong player having some impressive logs as of late. Overall, the rest of the Peach Creek Boys may have an uphill battle ahead of themselves.

Players to watch: Mr. Z, Uber Alles

Power Ranking: 8


  • ?
  • Fall City
  • Seanak
  • shohh
  • Burning Wonder
  • ?
  • boa52
  • vohh
  • false

Aureus appears to be the first team that is not an existing team returning for a new season. shohh recently won Main on Soldier, and is now looking to flex his projectile prowess on Demo. vohh is a high main/advanced level sniper and could possibly steal some wins away from better teams. boa52 is an old school player who has always played medic, which will definitely be a boon for this team. The rest of the team, however, seems to be relatively untested, and it will be interesting to see how their season progresses.

Players to watch: shohh, vohh

Power Ranking: 9

5 Days Late: TV Movie

  • peaches
  • Soala
  • Spiderjew
  • Dave
  • Happy eye
  • ?
  • Skorp
  • Powerpuker
  • Commander in Queef

The majority of this team has solid Mid Main experience. Soala is the most experienced of the bunch, and peaches should be able to back him up successfully. The pick classes of Powerpuker and Commander in Queef have been doing pretty well recently, however this is against other low/mid main teams

Players to watch: Powerpuker, Soala

Power Ranking: 10

Indian Panini

  • mel0n
  • ???
  • ???
  • dro
  • pagician
  • meknez
  • lumiti
  • clanta
  • lawn

Indian Panini unfortunately has a tough season ahead of them. With dro being the only player with Main experience, this team may struggle against even mid Main teams. clanta has been making a bit of a name for himself as an up-and-come, however I do not believe he alone can carry his team. In addition to the current lack of Soldier and Pyro leaves this team in state of flux.

Players to watch: clanta

Power Ranking: 11

Crystal Kingdom

  • neslon
  • drowsy
  • Star
  • Ptet
  • Warg
  • telemonic
  • RichPint
  • Kyappy
  • eruza

Crystal Kingdom has a ROUGH season ahead of them, with none of their mains having RGL experience and only old UGC Steel/Silver. Kyappy and Warg have had some good scrims recently, lets see if the rest of their team can match.

Players to watch: Kyappy, Warg

Power Ranking: 12


  • dog
  • schematic
  • psi
  • danny o
  • Bagel
  • izzetrycal
  • meawk
  • yk_
  • muffsquito

Awoolander is a match only team. Due to this it will be interesting to see how this team performs throughout the course of the season… or if they even live throughout the season. yk_ has performed very well in Prolander, so I expect the same in Highlander. The combo of danny o and Bagel have played together before, so there is some chemistry in the combo. Only time will tell how this team does.

Players to watch: yk_, danny o

Power Ranking: 13

Week 1 Predictions

No.3 Pencils vs Cafeteria Milk
Prediction: 1-2 Cafeteria Milk MOTW

While these teams never played each other officially in Season 3, I bet both of these teams are still rearing to face each other. I expect both snipers to absolutely dominate this game and create a lot of openings for their team. This match could honestly go either way, but it’ll be a great match to the end.

Players to Watch: jbird, hyon

The Outback Fraghouse vs Indian Panini
Prediction: 2-0 The Outback Fraghouse

Unfortunately for Indian Panini, their first match of the season is against one of the better teams in the division. I expect Prograde and MDS to be able to basically do whatever they want on the flank while reigh shuts down everything else. If clanta can pop off then the rounds may be closer, but I still expect The Outback Fraghouse to take this handedly.

Players to Watch: MDS, clanta

EVHS Cheerleaders vs Crystal Kingdom
Prediction: 2-0 EVHS Cheerleaders

EVHS Cheerleaders has an easy week ahead of them outclassing Crystal Kingdom on every class. Warg may be able to hold some ground and stop some pushes, but I don’t think it will be enough to take a round from EVHS Cheerleaders.

Players to Watch: Kugelweber, Warg

Aureus vs We Overslept..
Prediction: 1-2 We Overslept..

Aureus, a newly formed team, is facing a team that has been playing together for 3 seasons straight. This will be shohh’s first chance to show he has what it takes to lead his team, while vohh will provide the picks needed to start pushes. On the flipside, MANA- _-TEA is able to provide his team with a lot of picks, and SSaiyanFTW can cause havoc as well. Ultimately I think this will come down to We Overslept being the more cohesive team, leading to more effective uber pushes and holds.

Players to watch: shohh, MANA- _-TEA

The Peach Creek Boys vs Utopia Turned Distopian
Prediction: 0-2 Utopia Turned Distopian

The Peach Creek Boys have a tough, albeit still winnable match ahead of them. Utopia Turned Distopian’s Ketjelly has had some impressive numbers in recent scrims and is definitely an anchor for his team. Mr. Z should have a pretty easy time on flank, which can lead to some openings for his team to exploit. If The Peach Creek Boys are able to take a round or win, it’ll be by the skin of their teeth.

Players to watch: Mr. Z, Ketjelly

Train Station vs awoolander
Prediction: 2-0 Train Station

Train Station is playing a no scrim team, on a map that requires a little bit more coordination than your standard map. I don’t expect Train Station to have much of a problem, but if awoolander takes a round off them I feel it will be from DM alone.

Players to watch: c0ry, danny o

5 Days Late: TV Movie vs Bye Week
Prediction: 0-2 Bye Week

5 Days Late: TV Movie has a Bye Week this week. Bye Week has been looking pretty strong so far and may be a dark horse for a placement spot this season.