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   exa_   - 10/17/2019
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League Update: On recent events

The administration team at RGL takes situations involving sexual harassment very seriously, especially those involving minors. Recent events have caused tensions to run high in the community, and many are understandably very upset. This previous Sunday, Nursey was banned for code of conduct violations regarding sexual interactions with minors. Since then, many others in the community have come forward with their own reports. The admin staff has been in the process of reviewing the cases we have received so far, and we are ready to release the following decisions.

The following players have received permanent suspensions from RGL:

  • Nursey - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance by interacting with minors in inappropriate and sexually suggestive ways. Soliciting images from a minor.
  • Broking - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance by interacting with minors in inappropriate and sexually suggestive ways.
  • Viper - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance through repeated improper interactions with others, including minors, in sexually suggestive ways.
  • Retrodavid - Breaking RGL's player conduct stance by repeatedly interacting with minors in inappropriate and sexually suggestive ways. Soliciting images from a minor.

We're not handing out these bans lightly. When evaluating the severity of a case, we're particularly looking for repeated or egregious behavior. Abuses of positions of power (ie: top level players using their status over players newer to the scene) are also a very significant factor at play. In situations where a victim is a minor, these offenses become significantly worse, though any situation regarding sexual harassment is of a serious and reportable nature.

We have set up a google form available here for use as a primary method to submit reports of inappropriate behavior directly to head admins. This form or a future equivalent will remain open indefinitely. In all circumstances regarding player reports, it should be noted that the recommended course of action is to go through our report system rather than through specific members of staff or community.

Efforts made by the community to publicize this issue and create a comfortable environment for people to come forward are, of course, appreciated. That said, it is more than possible for things to be taken too far. Our administration team does not condone witch hunting or harassment in any capacity. Punitive action may be taken regarding this subject matter if the current trends of aggressive behavior among certain individuals within the community continue. Please remember to maintain respectful relations within the community, and to be mindful of the dangers of a mob mentality.

Moving forward, we understand our work is not done. We will continue to investigate and evaluate reports we receive so we can act accordingly. Our number one objective in RGL is to foster a community where people can feel safe while playing the game they love. Thank you to those who have come forward and shared information. Through our combined efforts we can achieve our dream of a healthy and safe competitive environment.

To ensure proper visibility, our form for submitting reports of inappropriate behavior is also linked here as well-
Click here.

Upward Bug

Like with any exploit, if you believe that a team is purposely taking advantage of a bug, please contact us on Discord.

It has been brought to our attention that there currently exists a bug on particular maps that allows you to use the supply cabinet through a thin wall.

For exploits such as these, disputed rounds may be replayed and/or punishments will be given to teams and players accordingly.

Vigil Update

With any maps, RGL will be running the latest version of the maps, provided that the version is not released during the same week that the map is intended to be played on.

As such, RGL Highlander will be running pl_vigil_rc6. Please make sure if you own a server that you have the correct version.

Playoff Sizes

Playoff size is not set until we know how many teams are in each division. We then will decide on which bracket style we will use. You can see past playoff brackets by viewing the past seasons' league tables and clicking the View Bracket button. Playoff brackets may be tweaked according to the number of dead teams in the division throughout the season. Please keep up with the news posts accordingly.

Strength of Schedule

Depending on strength of schedule, for 4th and 5th, we MAY ask teams to do a head-to-head to determine final seeding. Invite and Advanced will only feature one wildcard match between #4 and #5 if both teams have less than a difference between one match point. Map to be decided with a pick/ban system.

Rule Updates

Updated ruling here to clarify players to contact an admin.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article.

The following players have been suspended for several weeks for their usage of either racist or homophobic slurs on our platforms.

The following player have been caught cheating again by the RGL team and will have their ban extended to a lifetime length:

The following player was involved with a harassment case involving another RGL member. Their ban will be extended to cover Season 5 of Highlander.

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