- Payment deadline is January 24th, you will need 6 players paid up by then in paid divisions or 6 players on the roster for free divisions -

- RGL is now working with Qixalite. If you need to book a server, please head over here for more information.

Prizepool, league fees, website updates, oh my!

   sigafoo   - 8/20/2019
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Today is the first day of our new sixes league and we are very excited and looking forward to doing our best for this league.


The official prize pool and prize breakdown will be coming out by next week, but we can officially say that the prize pool will exceed $8,000.

We'd like to thank the over 120 teams who are joining us on this first season!

League Fees

One change from ESEA, is that rather than having static fee's throughout the season and no ability to pay up for one match. We will be reducing the league fee's as the season progresses and provide options for players to pay up for one game.

One Time Match Fee:

This small fee is only if you are not paid up on a team and want to play in a match.

Do I need to pay this fee if I'm already paid up on another team?

NO! If you are on another team paid up, you do not need to pay extra to play in a game.

e.g. I'm on "the sigafools" in IM and I'm paid up on that team. My friend on a Main team asked me to ring in their match. Since I'm paid up on my team, I do not need to pay this fee to play in my friend's Main match.

When do you have to pay the fee?

You only need to pay the fee if you are not "paid" on any roster. It's that simple.

Matches from 8/20-8/25 have this one-time match fee waived

The first week tends to be the most chaotic for teams and can be a hassle to get things sorted. With that in mind, we will not be charging the one-time match fee if you have a player who is not paid up for the first week, so teams have more flexibility when trying to get their team off the ground.

Note: If a team does not have six paid players on the roster at the time of the match start, the game is automatically forfeited.


If your team needs a server for the match, you can request one through the RGL Discord in the #help channel. Servers can only be requested on the day of your match.

Using RGL servers is not required for matches, unless specified elsewhere or required directly by an admin.

Website Changes

There's some new functionality we've been adding for the sixes league and not all of it is perfect. If you have questions, comments, concerns about something on the website, you can post in our discord or message me (sigafoo#0685) directly.

This is the best way to get something resolved or answered quickly.


We were aiming to mimic the ESEA reschedule functionality, which had a counter or accept functionality when it came replying to an offer by the other team.

Problem: Players couldn't counter back with the default match time, which was basically a form of declining the offer. Some players also were requesting to just have the ability to decline offers.

Changes: You can now decline proposed offers or counter back with the default date.


Problem: I can't be expected to check each match every day!

Changes: There was a bug that was stopping notifications from going out. Now when the opposing team submits an offer, counter, declines, you will get a notification inside of RGL with a quick link to go see it.

We also added a notification Icon that is lit up when your team needs to respond to a proposed match date.

There were about 15 matches affected by this issue and we've extended the 24 hour period for those teams and put out notifications around that. If your team was affected, but not helped, please contact our #help channel.


Problem: When doing pick/bans it's annoying to have to click into a match to see what map(s) we're picked.

Changes: We added to the matches page, and team page, an image of the map that was selected. The images are small, so if you hover over it, it'll pop up with the map name.


We are planning to move RGL to become a secured site this season. Keep in mind that your transactions happened on paypal, not RGL. Also RGL only stores the transaction id from the transactions, no first, last or any other personally identifiable information from paypal is kept in the RGL database.