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RGL HL S3: Award Polls, Season Recap, and Staff Applications

   exa_   - 8/14/2019

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Highlander Season 3 Awards

Something that we will be returning RGL HL Season 3 are the seasonal awards polls.

Disclaimer: The players were nominated by Invite leaders for each category. There are three nominations for each category except certain classes where there was a tie in nominations and for Production which was hand selected by RGL Staff. You must be rostered on an Invite roster for a minimum of 3 weeks to be eligible to vote.

– b4nny, josh, pablo, wish
– dev, habib, JJSlim
– HA Johnny, oblivion, River
– Arzt Hispanian, exile, Jarrett
– carcin, Kresnik, RonnieJ
– exa_, michael, scratchy
– Nursey, Toy, Wall
– bo4r, Fallen Gourd, shaayy
– evil, Mad, Dimento
Debut of the Season – Chocc, Flare, wile
Most Improved of the Season – Mad, Micahlele, jetz
Production of the Season – Alto, Flare, DolphiN, zagron
Best Player of the Season – dev, Dimento, pablo

Voting will close on Monday (08/19) and we will host an awards stream on that day at 10:30 PM ET announce the winners!

Season 3 Recap

The season of RGL HL have ended and the winners have been determined. Invite hosted a $1,400 prize pool for a highlander league again and the teams that played in the division were very competitive and helped to continue to display some of the best highlander action we have seen in a long time.

Congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place: Kids Next Door
2nd Place: Apolodosh
3rd Place: The Specimens

1st Place: Super Handsome Inteligent Team
2nd Place: The Money Team
3rd Place: Bruh Team

1st Place: As foretold by Rayman5000
2nd Place: Oprah Winfrey Network
3rd Place: Cafeteria Milk

1st Place: Utopia Turned Dystopian
2nd Place: Liberty Guns Beer Trump
3rd Place: We Overslept..

1st Place: UwUntu
2nd Place: Worse Comp Format
3rd Place: Pans And Bricks

RGL Staff Changes & Applications

cinder and Dimento are resigning from their positions as Invite and Advanced admin respectively. We would like to thank them for their work and time spent volunteering and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

As such, NA RGL Highlander will be having two Admin positions opening. We're also looking for mature, driven individuals who can help us continue to deliver a great platform to ever greater players. Moderators are expected to help resolve match issues, player issues, and help build their respective divisions schedule alongside the rest of the Admin team.

Admins may also be asked for input on things like off season events, graphic design, and other things across the league.

Critical thinking and excellent problem-solving skills are a must, as well as some understanding of our rules which can be found here.

If you would like to apply, you can fill out a form here from there we will go through the submissions and potentially ask for a follow up.

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