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Main Grandfinals


   Micahlele   - 8/3/2019

Grandfinals Oprah Winfrey Network vs As Foretold by Rayman5000

The map pool this season has been Ashville, Swiftwater, Cascade, Vigil, Product, Upward, and Steel. chad bans, [o.W.n] bans, [o.W.n] picks, chad picks, chad bans, [o.W.n] picks.

1. chad bans Vigil

Smartest and the most obvious choice for chad to make after losing to oWn 2-1 on vigil during their match.

2. [o.W.n] bans Product

Good choice from [o.W.n] to ban Product considering they were 6-0d by chad during scrims on the map.

3. [o.W.n] picks Swiftwater

Odd decision considering [o.W.n] dropped a round to a now deceased Garage Band. However, chad also won on Swiftwater against a Luigi’s Real Italian Ices, which is also dead.

4. chad picks Ashville

Great decision from chad to pick Ashville. Their strongest aspect is their flank, with J_peg and shohh being terrifying. Amplifying their powers with Ashville is a great decision.

5. chad bans Steel

Safe ban considering [o.W.n]’s dominance on the map, 3-0ing Plan B earlier in the season, while chad dropped a round to Swift Inc. in their match.

6. [o.W.n] picks Cascade

Cascade is a great map for demo, so [o.W.n] picking it to enable Joey is a great decision. They just need to shut down WiLLmaTiC.


Scout: rk vs J_peg

J_peg has absolutely dominated during matches this season, constantly being a top fragger on his team. rk shares these same traits consistently top fragging his team and being an enabler for pushes. However, J_peg works extremely well with shohh whereas rk doesn’t seem to work with his Soldier as much as he should.

Verdict: Slight advantage J_peg

Soldier: r4t vs shohh

Shohh is amazing on the flank, not only being another top fragger during scrims and matches but working well with J_peg too. r4t just hasn’t shown the fragging ability that shohh has had throughout the season.

Verdict: Advantage shohh

Pyro: Raptior vs gobitoe

Both pyros keep the spy quiet and deny soldier bombs. Raptior plays an extremely passive pyro to keep his combo protected, while gobitoe plays a more aggressive pyro that can get him caught out at bad times, letting his team suffer.

Verdict: Slight advantage Raptior

Demo: Joey Lemons vs Funky

While Funky is a great demo, Joey Lemons is the core of his team. Joey has rarely had a bad performance while top damaging and top fragging during most of his scrims and matches. He has the edge and the DM experience that Funky lacks in some regards.

Verdict: Advantage Joey Lemons

Heavy: nurkz vs Sebbers

Both heavies keep their medic safe and try to follow up on their Demo’s damage the best they can, but Sebbers has popped off a couple times and could turn the tides of any bad situation very quickly.

Verdict: Slight advantage Sebbers

Engie: R4bbit vs Flemlaski

Flemlaski frags a bit harder while keeping his building alive. Not to say R4bbit doesn’t, but Flemlaski does it better.

Verdict: Advantage Flemlaski

Medic: Manslaughter vs tj

In scrims and matches, tj overall had better heals per minute and dropped less. Manslaughter still did well, but tj had slightly better heals overall and better heal spreads.

Verdict: Slight advantage tj

Sniper: MAF vs WiLLmaTiC

WiLLmaTiC has consistently outsniped all the other snipers in main, top fragging in many scrims and matches, while being an enabler for his team. In scrims against each other, WiLLmaTiC has outsniped MAF with relative ease nine times out of ten.

Verdict: Large advantage WiLLmaTiC

Spy: Stardust vs Sylon[DMS]

Both spies have been relatively quiet this season. Neither has gone huge in their matches but have been able to do their jobs well. In their logs against each other, both spies were generally even in frags.

Verdict: Tie


I haven’t been following Main at all, and only took on this article per WiLLmaTiC’s request. I tried my best to give the most accurate class comparisons and predictions that I could base on logs from matches and logs from scrims of chad and [o.W.n] against each other. This should be relatively easy for chad to take. Unless Joey Lemons has an ace up his sleeve, I don’t see how they will be able to take this one home.

Swiftwater: 2-1 chad
Ashville: 3-1 chad
Cascade: 3-2 chad