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Advanced Quarterfinals


   Micahlele   - 7/22/2018
Quarterfinals: brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Bruh Team

The map pool this season has been Ashville, Swiftwater, Cascade, Vigil, Product, Upward, Steel. Bruh bans, many brandons bans, many brandons picks, Bruh picks, Bruh bans, many brandons picks.

1. Bruh Bans Ashville
Bruh Team bans Ashville, an odd move considering their roll against NTG. However, there is a reason NTG died, and with the addition of Markers for the rest of playoffs, perhaps they are interested in giving him as much room as possible on maps that favor sniper.

2. many brandons Bans Cascade
Many brandons bans Cascade, which is a good move to get a sniper favored koth map out of the mix, but still odd considering in their match on Cascade they won 4-2 over the 2nd seeded team, The Money Team.

3. many brandons Picks Product
ItsyAcore and Markers are no doubt happy with the product pick, with many brandons thinking ItsyAcore will completely carry them, but they shouldn’t doubt agb’s ability to kill the sniper.

4. Bruh Picks Steel
Bruh Team no doubt wants to take advantage of avian’s fantastic DM on possibly demo’s most prevalent and important map.They shouldn’t doubt ItsyAcore’s ability on steel though, considering he was a top fragger in their match against NKB.

5. Bruh Bans Upward
A safe move considering many brandons impressive victory over B&H on the map. Great ban from Bruh Team.

6. Many brandons Picks Swiftwater
I’ve got no idea why many brandons picked swiftwater especially since they got 2-0d by Bruh during their match week 2. Unless many brandons has an ace up their sleeve, I don’t understand this pick at all.


Scout: Blank vs Lehcs
Blank is a new up and comer, while Lehcs has seasons of high-level experience behind him. The DM between these two is even, but Lehcs has more experience and better game sense.
Verdict: Slight advantage Lehcs

Soldier: diego vs pup
Both players have had average seasons. Nothing horrible but nothing super amazing. They both have the same amount of experience, and in my eyes, they are dead even in skill.
Verdict: Tie

Pyro: TMP vs Cookie
Cookie has very little high-level experience at all, only having 2 other seasons of Open and IM respectively, while TMP has multiple seasons of plat dating back to season 5 of UGC. TMP is simply the better and more experienced player.
Verdict: Large advantage TMP

Demo: brandon vs avian
Brandon is either completely goes off or completely shits the bed, and often he completely shits the bed. Compared to the very consistent and constantly improving avian, brandon is just outmatched.
Verdict: Advantage avian

Heavy: guy vs Bear Hoovy
Guy has lots of experience behind is back and Bear Hoovy is still not super experienced at higher levels. Guy has also put up better stats over the course of the season.
Verdict: Advantage guy

Engie: Happy Eye vs Coffee Cup
Neither engie has any experience above silver/main until now, but both have had decent showings thus far, and are equal in all regards.
Verdict: Tie

Medic: Abridge vs Soala
Abridge has played this game for almost if TMP has, starting at season 8, while Soala has only played for a handful of seasons. Abridge has the game sense, and great ability that Soala can’t match with the little experience he has.
Verdict: Advantage Abridge

Sniper: ItsyAcore vs Markers
Both snipers are incredible and could compete in mid-low invite. I’m extremely excited these extremely talented snipers go head to head this week. It’s a damn shame that people don’t realize the extreme potential in Markers, and that he’s not already on an invite team.
Verdict: Tie

Spy: Zokie0 vs agb
Agb has a lot of potential on spy, while Zokie0 has been pretty slept on this season. Both spies are great, but I think agb has a slight edge with his great performance on swiftwater during their match.
Verdict: Slight advantage agb

Overall, I’d say Bruh got the better of the map picks, with more promising results on the maps than many brandons. As for players, it’s a fight of New vs Old, with the new blood in Bruh Team clashing against the Old Timers of brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr. It’s sure to make for an excellent match, and it looks to be a close game with tons of frags to boot.
Product: 3-2 many brandons
Steel 2-1 Bruh Team
Swiftwater (if played) 2-0 Bruh Team