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RGL HL Season 3: Playoffs and Tiebreaker Scores

   exa_   - 7/18/2019
Welcome everyone to the third ever postseason for RGL Highlander for Invite, Advanced, Main, Intermediate, and Open.

We would like to congratulate all the teams that have made it to the first round of playoffs and hope that everyone has enjoyed their season so far.

All divisions will have playoffs and will use the Map Elimination system.

An admin will continue to monitor match comms to ensure this map pick/ban system is running smoothly in case a team is not responsive.

Pick/Ban Deadlines

Pick/bans must be completed through match communications on the website by the specified deadline, 48hrs before default match time.

Failure to complete the process by the deadline will forfeit ALL your pick/bans to the opposing team.

(Please make sure you complete your pick/bans by Saturday night (9:30 PM ET). This is to allow teams to have roughly 48 hours before the match time in order to practice for their maps.

Failure to do so will allow the other team to pick for you. Please talk to your respective division admin if you may have trouble with this deadline, so we can give more time if needed.)

The structure of each division’s playoffs will be explained further below.

Playoff Schedule (All Divisions)

(All of these dates are also on your respective division bracket found on your league table.)

  • Quarterfinals will be played on July 22nd
  • Semifinals will be played on July 29th
  • Invite Lower Bracket finals will be played on August 5th
  • Grand Finals will be played on August 5th (except Invite)
  • Invite Grand Finals will be played on August 12 (2nd match, if it happens will have to be played the same week)

NOTE: If you cannot play on the default match day, please contact an admin. Furthermore, the higher seed on the league table will be assigned home for each map pick/ban process.

Invite Matches

Invite will feature a double-elimination Swiss bracket between the top 4 teams.

1. Kids Next Door - 18.67 Points
2. Apolodosh - 16.33 Points
3. The Specimens - 14.67 Points
4. Invidus - 12.33 Points

Round 1:

Kids Next Door vs Invidus
Apolodosh vs The Specimens

Invite Grand Finals (second match) default match dates is Saturday 9:30 PM EST. Rescheduling this particular match, if it gets to this, will be something we will look into heavily.

Advanced Matches

Advanced will utilize a single-elimination bubble bracket between the top 4 teams.

Quarterfinals: brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr will play Bruh Team .

Semifinals: The Money Team will play the winner of the Quarterfinals match.

The loser of this match will be eliminated, while the winner will advance to face Super Handsome Inteligent Team in the Grand Finals.

Main Matches

For the Main Division, 8 teams will compete in a single-elimination Swiss bracket.

Swift Inc. has won the head-to-head against No.3 Pencils, so Swift Inc. will take the higher seed (6th) going into the Open Lower playoffs. No.3 Pencils has more wins ANTHRAX, so they will take the higher seed (7th).

1. Oprah Winfrey Network - 18.67 Points
2. As foretold by Rayman5000 - 17.34 Points
3. Cafeteria Milk - 13.49 Points
4. Loud Noises - 12 Points
5. Plan B - 11.67 Points
6. Swift Inc. - 11 Points
7. No.3 Pencils - 11 Points
8. ANTHRAX - 11 Points

Round 1:
Oprah Winfrey Network vs ANTHRAX
As foretold by Rayman5000 vs No.3 Pencils
Cafeteria Milk vs Swift Inc.
Loud Noises vs Plan B

Intermediate Matches

For the Intermediate Division, 8 teams will compete in a single-elimination Swiss bracket.

1. Liberty Guns Beer Trump - 16.66 Points
2. Utopia Turned Dystopian - 16.33 Points
3. We Overslept.. - 16 Points
4. Tilt Breakers - 14.67 Points
5. Train Station - 14 Points
6. Consider - 13.33 Points
7. ShootingStarz - 12.67 Points
8. team - 12.33 Points

Round 1:
Liberty Guns Beer Trump vs team
Utopia Turned Dystopian vs ShootingStarz
We Overslept.. vs Consider
Tilt Breakers ] vs Train Station

Open Matches

For the Open Division, 16 teams will be competing in a single-elimination Swiss bracket. Seeds #1-8 will be in the upper bracket and seeds #9-16 will be in the consolation bracket.

SLoW Inc. has won the head-to-head against The Croutons , so SLoW. Inc will take the higher seed (1st) going into the Open Lower playoffs. unknown death 2002 has agreed to take the lower placement (3rd) in the Open Lower playoffs.

Open Upper

1. Teuton Croutons Highlander - 15.84 Points
2. VERA -15.33 Points
3. UwUntu - 14.67 Points
4. Napalm Sticks to Kids - 14.34 Points
5. Worse Comp Format - 14 Points
6. Wario - 13.66 Points
7. Energetic Rabid Panthers - 13 Points
8. Pans And Bricks - 12 Points

Open Lower

9. SLoW Inc. -11.33 Points
10. The Croutons - 11.33Points
11. unknown death 2002 - 11.33 Points
12. People Eating Edible Noses - 10.17 Points
13. Slightly Questionable Boots - 9.5 Points
14. The Mafia - 9 Points
15. Pandomizer - 8.33 Points
16. 3 Letter Cat Face - 7.67 Points

Round 1:

Open Upper

Teuton Croutons Highlander vs Pans And Bricks
VERA vs Energetic Rabid Panthers
UwUntu vs Wario
Napalm Sticks to Kids vs Worse Comp Format

Open Lower

SLoW Inc. vs 3 Letter Cat Face
The Croutons vs Pandomizer
unknown death 2002 vs The Mafia
People Eating Edible Noses vs Slightly Questionable Boots


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