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Main Week 5+6 Review and Week 7 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 7/15/2019
Apologies about missing last week, life happened. This article will make up for some lost time and review week 5 and 6, as well as predict week 7 which is Steel.

Week 5 Review

Oprah Winfrey Network vs Cafeteria Milk

Prediction: 4-2 Oprah Winfrey Network
Outcome: 4-1 Oprah Winfrey Network
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

An overall close game, closer than the 4-1 score line shows. Oprah Winfrey Network out fragged Cafeteria Milk by 15, but Cafeteria Milk was able to out damage Oprah Winfrey Network by about 1700. Both teams had their dominant round and the rest of the rounds were close. Joey Lemons was able to top frag for his team and top damage in the server, create a lot of space. Unfortunately for page, who had a great performance top fragging in the server and almost top damaging, their team was unable to follow up on their frags.

MVP: Joey Lemons

As foretold by Rayman5000 vs Loud Noises

Prediction: GL;HF
Outcome: 4-1 As foretold by Rayman5000
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

All in all, a very standard product match. Funky absolutely crushed the damage getting 5000 damage more than the next highest, non-spy class. In addition, the team’s namesake Rayman5000, died less than 10 times allowing him to be a constant threat on the map. Reigh was able to top frag in the server, but it was not enough for their team to take more than 1 round.

MVP: Funky

Swift Inc. vs Burnt Toast

Prediction: 4-1 Swift Inc.
Outcome : 4-0 Swift Inc.
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Unfortunately for Burnt Toast, they were just completely outclassed in this matchup. nucket and spaghetti both had great games with 33 and 31 frags respectively. Aeon also had a good game, scoring 30 kills but there is only so much a heavy can do on Product.

MVP: nucket

ANTHRAX vs No.3 Pencils

Prediction: 3-4 No.3 Pencils (MOTW)
Outcome: 3-4 No.3 Pencils
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

A very close game between 2 similarly skilled teams. Both milk and Jazz had incredible games and top fragged both in the server and for their team’s. Looking at the logs, all the classes were more or less equal. This game really could have gone either way. It will be interesting to see how both these teams move into the post season.

MVP: milk

Plan B vs We 4fit

Prediction: 4-2 Plan B
Outcome: 4-0 Plan B (FFW)
Logs: NA

We 4fit died this week and gave Plan B a FFW. Props to We 4fit for lasting this long.


Week 6 Review

Oprah Winfrey Network vs Swift Inc

Outcome: 2-0 Oprah Winfrey Network
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Oprah Winfrey Network had a great game against Swift Inc, being able to hold them for 19 minutes in the first round. MAF was able to get a lot of key picks on Swift Inc’s combo, even while losing the SvS to nucket. Poor VAVLIE was able to top frag for Swift Inc and even top damage in the server, but his team were unable to follow up on all the work he was putting in.


As Foretold by Rayman5000 vs No.3 Pencils
Outcome: 2-0 As Foretold by Rayman5000
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

This 2-0 game was closer than the scoreline shows. gobitoe and Sebbers were tied for top frags on their team, while providing the rest of the combo space to push forward. On the No.3 Pencil’s side, the addition of DOOMBRINGER proved highly effective with bombs dropping tj twice. In addition to soldier bombs, milk provided very solid kills all around, top fragging in the server with 37.

MVP: Sebbers

Cafeteria Milk vs ANTHRAX
Outcome: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match (Apologies about the logs, not sure why there are extra players listed in them)

Trying to make sense of these logs show that Cafeteria Milk won handily. This was spearheaded by the superb game page had, win an impressive 54 kills. Theoretical Spy also had a good game, with 38 kills.

Players to watch: page

Plan B vs Burnt Toast
Outcome: 2-0 Plan B

Plan B had an easy time rolling Burnt Toast. Every class for Plan B performed better than their Burnt Toast counterpart. RPC_33 almosted pulled a 10 K/D.

Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match


Loud Noises vs Bye Week
Outcome: 2-0 Loud Noises

Loud Noises had a bye week, nothing to report.


Week 7 Predictions

Oprah Winfrey Network vs Plan B
Prediction: 2-1 Oprah Winfrey Network

Steel is a map that heavily favors demo, Joey Lemons for Oprah Winfrey Network has been performing very strongly all season. Plan B recently picked up TeetsMcghee, who is a very strong demo and main caller. I expect TeetsMcghee to be able to pull his team through to win 1 round, but I don’t see them winning the match.

Players to Watch: Joey Lemons, TeetsMcghee

As Foretold by Rayman5000 vs Swift Inc.
Prediction: GL;HF

As Foretold by Rayman5000 is guaranteed an at least 2nd seed going into the playoffs, while Swift Inc is fighting to get into playoffs. Expect a hard-fought game for both teams.

Players to Watch: Funky, Burtilian

Cafeteria Milk vs Burnt Toast
Prediction: 2-0 Cafeteria Milk

Cafeteria Milk has an easy week ahead of them. Unfortunately for Burnt Toast, who has had a rough season so far, I can’t see them taking a round this week.

Players to Watch: rico, jermond

Loud Noises vs No.3 Pencils
Prediction: 1-2 No.3 Pencils

Both teams are fighting to secure their spot in the playoffs, so expect them to bring their best to the table. katryna and Brick Hughouse have been playing for a long time and know how to play and call on the map. Devoi for Loud Noises also has a lot of experience on this map and knows what picks to get and when.

Players to watch: Devoi, DOOMBRINGER_

ANTHRAX vs Bye Week
Prediction: 0-2 Bye Week

ANTHRAX has a bye week this week, but rumor has it ANTHRAX has died to prepare for the next season.

Power Ranking Updates

1. As Foretold by Rayman5000
2. Oprah Winfrey Network
3. No.3 Pencils
4. Cafeteria Milk
5. Swift Inc.
7. Loud Noises
8. Plan B
9. Burn Toast +1

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