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Advanced Week 6 Review and Week 7 Predictions


   Micahlele   - 7/15/2019
Week 7: Steel

Steel is one of the most complicated maps that has been in the highlander rotation almost every season. Many people love it, but even more people hate it for its twisting and confusing layout, small rooms, and hard to master rotations. Explosive classes like Demo and Soldier will thrive from the tight chokes and small sightlines, while pick classes like Sniper and Spy will wish they could take the week off.

Week 6 Review

Super Handsome Inteligent Team vs Home Depot eSports

Prediction: 2-1 S.H.I.T.
Outcome: 2-1 S.H.I.T.

S.H.I.T.’s pick classes completely annihilated BOPIS, with both neum and Hino dropping 49 kills, only being matched by animus from BOPIS. The picks just kept flowing for S.H.I.T. which allowed them to defeat BOPIS. They didn’t win without their own faults, they dropped a round due to animus’ great pressure which made up for his team’s slight lack of picks.

Notable Performances: S.H.I.T. neum, S.H.I.T. Hino, BOPIS animus

Brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Blackjack and Hookers

Prediction: 2-0 B&H
Outcome: 2-1 many brandons

Trying to correctly predict a match with many brandons in it is like trying to beat an anime protagonist when you’re his rival. No matter what you do, you are always going to be wrong, and you are always going to be the loser in the situation. B&H outfragged many brandons on almost every class, even with a round being replayed due to the Uber Pause plugin not being installed on the match server. Lexa topfragged the server with 79 kills, followed by donovin with 68. ItsyAcore also gave a great performance with 68 kills.

Notable Performances: B&H Lexa, B&H donovin, many brandons ItsyAcore

Bruh Team vs The Money Team

Prediction: 2-1 TMT
Outcome: 2-1 TMT

d3nny completely obliterated Bruh team, topfragging by 27 kills compared to Bruh Team’s players. He dropped an incredible 77 kills, with the highest fragger on Bruh Team being avian with 50. Even with d3nny’s stellar performance, Bruh Team wasn’t going down without a fight, and they managed to take a round.

Notable Performances: TMT d3nny, TMT Mono, Bruh avian

Home Depot eSports vs Bruh Team
Blackjack and Hookers vs The Money Team MotW
brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Never Knows Best
Super Handsome Inteligent Team receives a Bye Week

Home Depot eSports vs Bruh Team

Home Depot has been having some struggles with their scrims leaving much to be desired. Bruh Team is looking strong through their scrims and should be able to take this match rather easily. Home Depot can take it if they channel some of that Home Depot eSports vs 33gal season 25 vigil, but those moments are few and far between.

Prediction: 2-1 Bruh

Players to watch out for: Bruh avian, BOPIS norphel, BOPIS Wubs

Blackjack and Hookers vs The Money Team MotW

Both B&H and TMT are looking extremely strong heading into steel week. Both teams have had dominant scrims over other advanced teams and are looking to secure their playoffs spot with this match. B&H’s lack of maincalling abilities is really going to hinder them in this match, especially when Makkabeus has been on his game. This game is going to be close, but I’m must give it to TMT here.

Prediction: 2-1 TMT

Players to watch out for: TMT Makkabeus, B&H kjr, TMT Mono

brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Never Know Best

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, predicting many brandons is pretty much impossible because their team doesn’t follow any sort of pattern with scrims, matches, or really anything at all really. Overall though, many brandons is the better team with more experienced players, and they should have no problem winning this match 2-0.

Prediction: 2-0 many brandons

Players to watch out for: many brandons ItsyAcore, many brandons diego, NKB Kami

Power Rankings:
1: Super Handsome Inteligent Team
2: The Money Team
3: Blackjack and Hookers
4: Bruh Team
5: brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr
6: Home Depot eSports
7: Never Knows Best