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Advanced Week 5 Review and Week 6 Predictions


   Micahlele   - 7/8/2019
Week 6:Upward

With week 6 comes payload Upward. Upward is the staple highlander payload map, with a variety of different strategies and holds to choose from. This week will test the advanced team’s ability to coordinate to take down an extremely locked down defense with the ever so haunting upward last.

Roster Changes

The Money Team

- Lizard
+ civ
- Tom Servo
+ Guava

Home Depot eSports

- Tosm
+ Inky

Week 5 Review

The Money Team vs Super Handsome Inteligent Team

Prediction: S.H.I.T. > TMT 4-3
Outcome: S.H.I.T. > TMT 4-1

I was expecting this to be a much closer match. Unfortunately, Lizard quit maining before the match, so General Nick had to scramble to find a ringer. Even worse for Nick, he wouldn’t be attending the match either, so it severely hurt TMT’s chances of winning. S.H.I.T. didn’t care and went to town on the crippled TMT, with both apathy and Moist Master dropping 37 kills, with ItsyAcore being rang for S.H.I.T. not far behind with 36. Overall some unfortunate circumstances led to TMT’s downfall in this match.

Notable Performances: S.H.I.T. apathy, S.H.I.T. Moist Master, ItsyAcore

Home Depot eSports vs Never Knows Best

Prediction: BOPIS > NKB 4-1
Outcome: NKB > BOPIS 4-1

Judging by the logs, all the rounds were extremely close, but Home Depot only managed to pull out one round. Bon Qui Qui and Kami dominated with the damage san antonio 1998 green mustang was able to put out. Steaklington and Tosm managed to get enough picks to secure Home Depot a round, but nothing more.

Notable Performances: NKB Bon Qui Qui, NKB Kami, BOPIS Steaklington

Blackjack and Hookers vs Bruh Team

Prediction: B&H > Bruh 4-3
Outcome: B&H > Bruh 4-2

Lexa put the entirety of B&H on his back for this product match, dropping an astounding 64 kills, with the second highest fragger being Donovin, subbing in for Poseidon, dropping 47 kills. Even with B&H being weaker on the koth side of the spectrum, the experience really showed in this match by beating the up-and-coming force that is Bruh Team. Not to say Bruh Team’s players didn’t put up a good fight, ult did extremely well on the flank with 44 kills.

Notable Performances: B&H Lexa, B&H Donovin, Bruh ult

Super Handsome Inteligent Team vs Home Depot eSports
Brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Blackjack and Hookers
Bruh Team vs The Money Team MotW
Never Knows Best receives a Bye Week

Super Handsome Inteligent Team vs Home Depot eSports

I think this match is going to be closer than some people realize. Even though Home Depot is coming off a rough defeat against NKB, their scrim results look promising, as well as having map reviews and demo reviews with Bowl to boost their upward abilities. Even trading rounds with invite team Shroom Gang. S.H.I.T. is still a strong team, but I think Home Depot is going to be able to take a round and make every round extremely close.

Prediction: 2-1 S.H.I.T.

Players to watch out for: BOPIS Steaklington, S.H.I.T. kinetic, S.H.I.T. neum

Brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr vs Blackjack and Hookers

B&H has always been one of the strongest teams on payload whenever they have played, meanwhile many brandons has lost every payload match they have played, even though they were dominating top teams on koth. I have no doubt that B&H will be able to take this match 2-0, especially with some players on B&H being especially fond of upward.

Prediction: 2-0 B&H

Players to watch out for: B&H Grynn, B&H kjr, many brandons ItsyAcore

Bruh Team vs The Money Team MotW

Bruh Team has cemented itself as a team to not be underestimated, while The Money Team has been struggling to live up to their advanced winning attitude. The addition of guava and civ are great additions that will hopefully support their dominant mentality. This is going to be a close game with huge plays coming out from many players.

Prediction: 2-1 TMT

Players to watch out for: Bruh Avian, TMT d3nny, 5perm

Power Rankings:
1: Super Handsome Inteligent Team +1
2: The Money Team -1
3: Blackjack and Hookers
4: Bruh Team
5: brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr
6: Home Depot eSports
7: Never Knows Best