- Payment deadline is January 24th, you will need 6 players paid up by then in paid divisions or 6 players on the roster for free divisions -

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RGL 6v6 Season 1 Registration Extension

   nabla   - 7/1/2019
Coming into the transition from ESEA, the staff at RGL made an early decision that we wanted to attempt two seasons in 2019 so that a playoffs LAN for our invite division could be held in January 2020. After some consideration we realized this was not the best decision for the overall health of the league. The length between the current end of the ESEA season and our proposed starting date simply isn’t enough down time for teams to form or make adjustments from the prior season. Ultimately, it isn’t worth sacrificing the offseason length for many teams in service of a LAN event that would only accommodate a few of the top teams.

Many team leaders have expressed the desire for a longer offseason to me, and it has quickly become apparent that more time is needed. Therefore, we have opted to extend registration for Season 1 of RGL 6s. The new planned schedule is as follows:
  • July 22nd- ESEA season 31 ends
  • August 16th- Registration for RGL 6v6 season 1 closes
  • August 17th- Division placements finalized
  • August 20th- Season begins, week 1 matches announced
  • October 6th - Rosters lock
  • October 13th- Regular season end
  • October 15th- Playoffs begin

An offseason cup/tournament will be held sometime in November or December, while Season 2 is planned to start alongside season 5 of RGL Highlander in January 2020. The plan for an early January 2020 LAN event is still being considered, but it will not focus on being an event to host invite playoffs.

Currently, over 100 teams have been started for season 1, 55 of which have 4 or more players. Join these players using our extended registration period today!