gluglug   - 6/27/2019
Hey all! It’s none other than gluglug and the AU RGL team here and boy, have we got news for you. If the title hasn’t already given it away the Australian division of RGL is going to be hosting a mini-league with maps that most of you have probably never heard of before (that is, unless you’ve been playing pugs with us recently). Personally, I’ve felt that the standard map rotation for competitive TF2 has peaked at it’s all-time staleness and I sought change for the standard map rotation. Hence this is why my enthusiasm for the “Off-The-Rails” pugs is as big as it is. This league is going to last for 4 weeks with 1 map being played per week. The rotation is as follows:

Week 1: Koth_Ahau
Week 2: Cp_Alloy
Week 3: Koth_Undergrove
Week 4: Pl_barnblitz_pro

We got in contact with the good folks down at Qixalite and were able to get these maps on their servers, so all of you don’t need to ask for the map workshop IDs and whatnot. We’ll also be aiming to get badges for all of those who participate, however we won’t have any placement badges as this is just a fun mini-league to play before season 3 starts. Our LFP(Looking for players) and LFT(Looking for team) channels are always open in the AU RGL discord to those looking to get into the league with ease. The signups will be open for approximately 2 weeks and the games will start on the 11th of July. We would love to hear your opinions on the maps so make sure to bring all of your TF2 pals who are looking for something new to get their hands on. Good luck to all of those participating!

Also one last thing to note is that signups will be open at, opposed to this website.