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Main Week 3 Review and Week 4 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 6/24/2019
The old new of Cascade has been removed in favor of the new map that is Vigil. Teams will need to be vigilant, as they be aware of which strategy others will be using. A lot has happened during this week, from disbands to upsets, so let's jump right into it.

Week 3 Review

As Foretold by Rayman5000 vs Cafeteria Milk

Prediction: GL; HF (MOTW)
Outcome: 4-1 Foretold by Rayman5000
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

This was a battle between two very confident teams. As Foretold by Rayman5000 coming off their continued success and Cafeteria Milk coming off their recent upset beating Swift Inc. j_peg and WiLLmaTiC both had stellar games, dropped 30+ kills each. In addition, the team's namesake, Rayman5000 was able to come second in damage in the server.

This week’s MVP: WiLLmaTiC

Oprah Winfrey Network vs No.3 Pencils

Prediction: 2-4 No.3 Pencils
Outcome: 4-0 Oprah Winfrey Network
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

This was certainly not an outcome I was expecting. Once again rk pulled impressive stats with 30 kills and a 7.3 KA/D. Unfortunately, the star player of No.3 Pencils, milk was unable to get anything started, resulting in a poor performance.

MVP: rk

The Garage Band vs ANTHRAX

Prediction: 2-4 ANTHRAX
Outcome: 0-4 ANTHRAX (FFW)
Logs: N/A

The Garage Band was one of two teams to die this week, thus giving ANTHRAX a free win.


Luigi's REAL Italian Ice vs Plan B

Prediction: 4-0 Luigi's REAL Italian Ice
Outcome: 1-4 Plan B
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

Another outcome I was not expecting. I expected patherr’s massive damage output to make it easy for the rest of Luigi's REAL Italian Ice to clean up the stragglers. In reality, Bagel and Johncario pulled a combined 83 frags. patherr however was still able to outdo them both individually with 50 kills.

MVP: Bagel

Loud Noises vs Burnt Toast

Prediction: 4-3 Loud Noises
Outcome: 4-0 Loud Noises
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

sparhawk was a one-man army this match, putting up and impressive 41 kills. In addition, sparhawk was almost able to out damage Zalway.

MVP: sparhawk

We 4fit vs Swift Inc.

Prediction:0-4 Swift Inc.
Outcome: 3-4 Swift Inc.
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

A strangely close game between a team with a lot of experience and an open move up team. Stocking for We 4fit had a great game, able to top frag with 52 kills. Swift Inc.’s spaghetti was also a force to be reckoned with getting 50 kills and 7 medic frags, all that in addition to top damaging in the server.

MVP: spaghetti

Neanderthal Gaming vs Bye Week
Prediction: N/A
Outcome: 4-0 Bye Week?

With Neanderthal Gaming being the second team to disband this week, does this mean Bye Week has won a match?

Week 3 Predictions

As Foretold by Rayman5000 vs Oprah Winfrey Network (MOTW)
Prediction: GL; HF

The last of the teams in Main with a perfect win/loss. Both teams will be coming out swinging to keep their perfect record intact.

Players to watch: Funky, rk

ANTHRAX vs Loud Noises
Prediction: 2-1 ANTHRAX

This should be a close game. ANTHRAX recent acquisition of Jazz2z will bolster their roster’s strength, in addition to Whip you have 2 very strong classes. Loud Noises on the other hand has their own powerful demo and sniper in Zalway and reigh.

Players to watch: Whip, reigh

Plan B vs Cafeteria Milk
Prediction: 0-2 Cafeteria Milk

With Plan B losing 3 of their mains in the most recent toxicity ban ( danny o, Bagel, Dog) they are having to scramble to replace keep parts of their team. Cafeteria Milk should be able to use the lack of cohesion to easily take this in 2 rounds.

Players to watch: page, Johncario

Swift Inc. vs Luigi's REAL Italian Ice
Prediction: 2-1 Luigi's REAL Italian Ice

These are two teams I feel like should be doing better than their records and match points make them out to be, and because of that it will be interesting to see how they play against each other. patherr will of course put out massive amounts of damage, but he will need his team to follow up on it. Burtilian on the other hand should be able to put a stop to any excess aggression.

Players to watch: Burtilian, pantherr

No.3 Pencils vs We 4fit
Prediction: 2-1 No.3 Pencils

We 4fit again has a, theoretically, uphill battle ahead of themselves. No.3 Pencils on the other hand is coming off their shocking 4-0 upset. No.3 Pencils must prove that it was merely a fluke.

Players to watch: milk, Theoretical Spy

Burnt Toast vs Bye Week

Burnt Toast is the next team to get a Bye Week. With the recent loss of dogo to the recent toxicity ban and Jazz2z moving to ANTHRAX, this will be a great time to find replacements.

Power Ranking Updates

1. As Foretold by Rayman5000
2. No.3 Pencils
3. Oprah Winfrey Network +3
4. Cafeteria Milk
5. Swift Inc.
7. Plan B +3
8. Luigi's REAL Italian Ice -5
9. Loud Noises -1
10. We 4fit +2
11. Burnt Toast

The Graveyard
The Garage Band
Neanderthal Gaming