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Season 1 - Update: Survey Results and Changes

   nabla   - 6/23/2019
I would like to give a personal shout out and thank you to the over 300 NA players who responded to our survey last week!
Here are the results broken down:

After considering the results from our survey the following decisions have been made-

Global Whitelist

RGL will be adopting the global whitelist. In total, 50% of responses preferred a modified ESEA whitelist, while 38% wanted to use the global whitelist, and 12% had no preference. In higher skill levels, the preference switched to the global whitelist, so we opted to follow that decision. Of interesting note is that many responses in higher skill levels indicated preference for the global whitelist but also wanted specific banned items to be unbanned. The easiest and safest option for our first season is to adopt the global whitelist. If changes are requested from our player base, these can be looked into at a later date.

Map Pool

RGL’s map pool will include the most recent versions of the following 8 maps:

Roughly 68% of respondents in total were in favor of 2 or more koth maps in the map pool which remained fairly consistent in every division’s responses. The most well received koth map out of the list was koth_clearcut by a substantial margin, so it was selected to be included in the season 1 map rotation.

Match Times

The default match times for all divisions except open will be moved to 10:30 EST. The responses for open indicated a slight preference for a 9:30 start time however, so it will remain there. As a reminder, RGL open is not equivalent to ESEA open. Players in ESEA open should generally register under Admin Placement, as RGL open is intended to be for completely new or less experienced players.

League Structure

Weekly map rotations in a swiss system will be put into place for all divisions not running double round robins. Currently, invite is the only division planned to use a double round robin, but advanced is a candidate depending upon how many teams are present in the division. For the double round robin system, teams will submit their pick/bans a week in advance in an effort to give all teams adequate time to practice their maps.


RGL will maintain the current system of one map per week, with two halves per map. The survey included a vote between using ESEA’s current system (one map per week with halftimes) versus ETF2L’s current system (two maps per week with one half per map). The results indicated that NA players were partial towards ESEA’s current system, so we have no plans to change this for our first season. This may be looked into for future seasons.