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Main Week 1 Review and Week 2 Predictions


   WiLLmaTiC   - 6/9/2019
With Ashvillle in the past, we now look forward to Swiftwater. With Swiftwater being a staple highlander map that requires plenty of coordination to push and defend, this should provide an early insight to the stability and chemistry of the main teams.

Week 1 Review

Luigi's REAL Italian Ice vs Neanderthal Gaming

Prediction: 2-4 Neanderthal Gaming
Outcome: 4-0 Luigi's REAL Italian Ice
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

As expected, Panther did extremely well, however I did not expect him to absolutely destroy Neanderthal Gaming. Combo Panther with Taiga and you have a force to be reckoned with. Poor alex on flank for Neanderthal Gaming had an impressive 30 kills, but he couldn’t compete with the space made by Luigi’s combo.

This week’s MVP: Panther

ANTHRAX vs As Foretold by Rayman5000

Prediction: GL; HF
Outcome: 4-0 As Foretold by Rayman5000
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

The flank of j_peg and shohh proved to be an effective flank, being uncontested and having high impact. In addition to 7 demoman picks from WiLLmaTiC, As Foretold by Rayman5000 were able to dictate the pace of the match with ease.

MVP: j_peg

Plan B vs The Garage Band

Prediction: 2-4 Plan B
Outcome: 4-0 The Garage Band
Logs: First Half Second Half Full Match

The Garage Band recently acquired CheeseCalzone and Uber Alles which proved very effective, with Uber Alles putting out some very good damage. Exquizit was able to assert his dominance with 42 kills.

MVP: Exquizit

HOLY PSYCHO vs Loud Noises

Prediction: 1-4 Loud Noises
Outcome: HOLY PSYCHO 3-2
Logs: Full Match

The first not 4-0 game in Main. These teams looked evenly matched, with no team winning 2 rounds in a row. cray for Loud Noises proved effective on flank, however Page for HOLY PSYCHO tilted the scale in their favor pulling an impressive 36 kills.

MVP: Page

Swift Inc. vs No.3 Pencils

Prediction: 3-4 No.3 Pencils (MOTW)
Outcome: 4-3 Swift Inc.
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half Full Match

An extremely close game between two of the top Main teams. Burtilian’s assault on the ground, paired with spaghetti pressure on flank and bombs proved too much for No.3 to handle. milk’s performance should not be understated however, top fragging in the server with 59 frags.

MVP: Burtilian

Burnt Toast vs We 4fit

Prediction: 4-2 Burnt Toast
Outcome: 4-3 Burnt Toast
Logs: First Half Second Half Third Half

Another close game, however this time it is between two of the lower Main teams. blip appeared to be dominant on flank, beating his scout opponent Speary 48-21. Theoretical Spy was able to top frag in the server with 53 frags, unfortunately it was not enough for We 4fit to win the match.

MVP: blip03.
Special Thanks to Jazz2jz for uploading their demos to for makeshift logs

Week 2 Predictions

Luigi's REAL Italian Ice vs As Foretold by Rayman5000

Prediction: GL; HF

Both are teams coming hot off their 4-0 wins on Ashville. Now these two teams will have to change gears from a more DM focused playstyle, to that of coordination.

Players to watch: Panther, WiLLmaTiC

The Garage Band vs Oprah Winfrey Network

Prediction: 2-1 The Garage Band

Coming off a Bye Week, Oprah Winfrey Network now must prove themselves. I expect both teams to revolve around their Demoman and their ability to make space. Oprah Winfrey Network should be able to take a round off The Garage Band, however I expect the rounds to be close.

Players to watch: Uber Alles, Joey Lemons

HOLY PYSCHO vs Swift Inc.

Prediction: 0-2 Swift Inc.

A map like Swiftwater lends itself to coordinated pushes off sniper picks. VAVLIE will be able to lead Swift Inc with coordinated and effective pushes off picks from nucket. page has been shown to not be a pushover and could easily turn the tide of a round if not properly dealt with.

Players to watch: nucket, page

Burnt Toast vs No.3 Pencils

Prediction: 0-2 No.3 Pencils

Burnt Toast face’s their first true taste of main in No.3 Pencils. Unfortunately for Burnt Toast, No.3 Pencils’ superior coordination and DM will prove a difficult challenge to overcome. If No.3 Pencils gets complacent Burnt Toast may be able to take a round.

Players to watch: milk, Jazz2jz

We 4fit vs Loud Noises

Prediction: 1-2 Loud Noises

The third-place Open team faces the second place IM team. SN should be able to coordinate with Theoretical Spy for key picks and saps. On the flipside, reigh and Devoi will provide ample picks for their combo to push into.

Players to watch: SN, Devoi

ANTHRAX vs Neanderthal Gaming

Prediction:1-2 Neanderthal Gaming

ANTHRAX recently lost vohh after Ashville. This is a huge hit to their fragging potential and it will be interesting to see how they adapt without him. Neanderthal Gaming on the other hand has a very effective flank in alex and wet, being able to apply pressure and bombing when necessary.

Players to watch: Whip, alex

Plan B vs 16YearOldFurries

Prediction: 2-0 Plan B

16YearOldFurries is a new team placed in Main for week 2. 16YearOldFurries are currently only fielding 7 players however, so this match may be over before it even starts. Plan B recently picked up saturation as their match soldier, and I expect him to bring much needed insight and DM to his team.

Players to watch: saturation, ?

Power Ranking Updates

1. As foretold by Rayman5000
2. Swift Inc. +1
3. No.3 Pencils -1
4. Luigi's REAL Italian Ice +6
6. Oprah Winfrey Network +3
7. The Garage Band +1
8. Neanderthal Gaming -1
10. Loud Noises -5
11. Burnt Toast +2
12. We 4fit -1
13. Plan B -1
14. 16YearOldFurries

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