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RGL Main S3 Team Introductions and Power Rankings


   WiLLmaTiC   - 6/5/2019

RGL Main Season 3 Team Introductions

RGL Highlander Season 3 is upon us. Main is looking interesting with a healthy mix of IM move ups, returning teams, updated teams, and completely new teams. It’s time to delve deeper into what the Main Division has to offer this season.

As Foretold by Rayman5000

  • j_peg
  • shohh
  • gobitoe
  • Funky
  • Sebbers
  • Flemlaski
  • (h4x) Tj
  • WiLLmaTiC
  • SylonDMS

As Foretold by Rayman5000 takes a few core members of the Season 2 team Riot ( gobitoe, WiLLmaTiC, Sylon[DMS]) and attempts to improve upon it. Adding players like j_peg and shohh on flank who have played 6s together. In addition, adding recent 3rd place engineer Flemlaski, and Funky who is extremely well rounded. As Foretold by Rayman5000 is looking to be strong placement contender.

Players to Watch: j_peg, shohh, WiLLmaTiC, Sylon[DMS]

Power Ranking: 1

No.3 Pencils

  • FoxC
  • Tabda
  • Assault Potato
  • katryna
  • Brick Hughouse
  • Michael
  • SmokeyII
  • milk
  • E_leet

No.3 Pencils is a bit of a merger between the old No.2 Pencils ( FoxC, Brick Hughouse), Swift Inc. ( Michael, SmokeyII), and Blackjack and Hookers ( Tabda, katryna, E_leet). Their combo has some insane main calling ability thanks to katryna and Brick Hughouse, they should be able to coordinate with Tabda and E_leet very effectively. milk on sniper will pose a serious threat to anyone peeking. I expect this team to fare very well this Main season.

Players to watch: katryna, milk

Power Ranking: 2

Swift Inc.

  • VinSyl
  • Spaghetti
  • Klowwd
  • Burtilian
  • Shaggy
  • Ava
  • nucket
  • ydna

While Swift Inc.may have lost a good chunk of players to No.3 Pencils, they were able to pick up some solid players with a lot of experience. Expect VinSyl and Spaghetti to make space for nucket and ynda to get picks. VAVLIE and Burtilian rounding this team out as combo makes them a great well-rounded team.

Players to watch: Spaghetti, Burtilian, nucket, ydna

Power Ranking: 3


  • Maxie!
  • patches
  • Lay
  • Whip
  • Kegaman
  • StarTard
  • Bulby
  • vohh
  • ghost

ANTHRAX decided to take Season 2 off, but now they have returned and are hoping to win Main like they won IM in S1. Interestingly, they have decided to pick up an EU demoman in Whip who recently took 3rd place in ETF2L Mid. vohh is someone who should not be understated and is able to get key picks when needed.

Players to watch: Whip, vohh, ghost

Power Ranking: 4

Loud Noises

  • LFP?
  • MDS
  • Joey
  • Zalway
  • Frustrated
  • Lance Hardwood
  • Bible
  • Reigh
  • Devoi

I’ll admit I had Loud Noises lower in these rankings, primarily due to not recognizing any player except MDS ( devoi is rostered as an alias). Looking at recent logs Loud Noises is looking to come into Main off their 2nd place IM placing and hit the ground running. devoi is an absolute monster and MDS will be able to get the job done on flank. While I don’t know if this team can upset one of the higher Main teams, they will be able to take rounds off them.

Players to watch: MDS, devoi

Power Ranking: 5


  • Kenvii
  • jel
  • Snoodles
  • Humphrey
  • Hael
  • “john kyle”?
  • guild knight nub
  • Page
  • Skelespook

With most of the man goes sicko mode coming into Main off their 2nd place placement in Open, it will be interesting to see how they adapt to higher quality opponents. Looking over some logs Page seems to be keeping up with some of the other Mid-Main snipers. Only time will tell how their season goes.

Players to watch: Page, ?

Power Ranking: 6

Neanderthal Gaming

  • wet
  • alex
  • Flakket
  • CHallenger
  • MiiiKe
  • Sailor
  • Potsu
  • Whalemart
  • Galaxy

Primarily an IM move up team, Neanderthal Gaming was able to pick up some experienced players in alex and MiiiKe. alex has been known to make some excellent bombs and looking at some logs wet is looking impressive as well. I feel this team could take a round or 2 off a higher placed team if they get complacent.

Players to watch: wet, alex

Power Ranking: 7

The Garage Band

  • Thot Patrol Captain
  • Hoekstra
  • CheeseCalzone
  • Uber Alles
  • Exquizit
  • Pareidolia
  • Ice
  • Tua
  • McFly

Moving up 1 division every season, The Garage Band now finds themselves in Main. From Season 2 to Season 3, some roster pruning has happened in the hopes of bettering their team. Uber Alles can put out some good damage, and Exquizit is a 200-ping power house. Overall the Garage Band is as standard Mid-Main team.

Players to watch: Joey, Exquizit

Power Ranking: 8

Oprah Winfrey Network

  • rk
  • r4t
  • Raptoir
  • Joey Lemons
  • nurkz
  • r4bbit
  • Manslaughter
  • EG
  • Stardust

The third IM move up team is also the 3rd place IM team which is where most of this roster comes from. One season of playing together and getting coordinated is nothing to shake a stick at. Looking at some recent logs, rk and r4t have been doing solid work on the flank. It will be interesting to see how this team progresses as the season goes on.

Players to watch: rk, r4t

Power Ranking: 9

Luigi's REAL Italian Ice

  • Euph
  • Gekkon
  • Greyskee
  • Panther
  • Secretly Satan
  • sorry squidie
  • Zen
  • Tortelloni

A mix of mid Open and mid IM players, plus Panther. Panther will be able to put out massive damage and get a lot of frags on demo, but the only thing that’s a bit worrying is if he will have a team to back him up. Looking at some recent logs, Zen was putting up some impressive numbers as well. Can Panther single handedly carry this team to a decent placing?

Players to watch: Panther, Zen

Power Ranking: 10

We 4fit

  • Speary
  • Dan
  • Jimbob
  • SN
  • Seven1
  • Salad Snek
  • Lumiti
  • Stocking
  • Theoretical Spy

Unfortunately, outside of Theoretical Spy, I do not know much about this team. Hopefully the Week 1 match on Ashville will reveal more about this team.

Players to watch: Theoretical Spy

Power Ranking: 11

Plan B

  • Hypnis
  • onion
  • stuperfox
  • Dave
  • Skorp
  • Patriot
  • Crat
  • Krow
  • Commander In Queef

Again, unfortunately another team I don’t know. Hopefully the Week 1 match on Ashville will reveal more about this team.

Players to watch: Commander in Queef

Power Ranking: 12

Burnt Toast

  • Dogo
  • 727
  • Imbeast
  • Jemond
  • Shmashing Zilla
  • Rico
  • Leper
  • Jazz2jz
  • Edy

Unfortunately, this team is 100% unknown to me. Looking at player’s experience, it is primarily Steel/Open. Hopefully the Week 1 match on Ashville will reveal more about this team.

Power Ranking: 13

Flemlaski assisted with this article.