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RGL Advanced S3 Week 1: Ashville Predictions


   Micahlele   - 6/1/2019
Week 1: Ashville

Welcome to the first week of RGL Highlander. The first map of the season is koth_ashville. Ashville is a more flank heavy map, with less emphasis on the pick classes. Scout and Soldier will dominate on this map, with both classes having the ability to make huge plays. We will be seeing Advanced teams go head to head to try and establish their place in the Advanced ranking.


Blackjack and Hookers vs Never Knows Best
Nine Trey Gangsters vs Bruh Team
The Money Team - Home Depot eSports
Super Handsome Inteligent Team vs brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr

Blackjack and Hookers vs Never Knows Best

Blackjack and Hookers is a highly experienced team with multiple seasons under its belt. Considering we also have possibly the greatest B&H roster to date, Never Knows Best is just hopelessly outmatched in almost all departments. Poseidon will dominate the flank and his combo will follow suit. Even with Ashville being a less pick oriented map, I’m confident in Lexa and Mascin_Tape’s ability to bring chaos to the NKB crew. Bon Qui Qui may be able to get off some clutch shots to give NKB a chance, but overall it is unlikely they even snag a round.

Prediction: 4-0 B&H

Players to watch out for: Poseidon, Kjr, Bon Qui Qui

Nine Trey Gangsters vs Bruh Team

Although Nine Trey Gangsters is, on paper, the more experienced group, the team’s roster is still unknown, so I can’t exactly give the best of predictions. Bruh Team has only recently picked up a new Scout in the form of noir, so the lack of practice with him can harm them in Ashville. However, I don’t think it will matter due to the sheer mystery that Nine Trey Gangsters roster holds, and what that means for the team itself. If what I’m hearing about the roster is correct, then I can see them taking a couple rounds, but nothing more until they completely shake off their rust.

Prediction: 4-2 Bruh Team

Players to watch out for: Avian, pup.

The Money Team vs Home Depot eSports

This game is shaping up to be MotW. With disappointing scrim results coming out from The Money Team, Home Depot really has a chance to snag a win over them here. Animus really can pop off and secure himself as a top advanced scout. If Home Depot can fix one of their most crippling flaws and keep 5perm and mono down, this can be a win for the BOPIS boys. However, The Money Team is not a team to underestimate. They are going to give all they must secure the first match of the season and start the season off in a good way.

Prediction: 4-3 The Money Team MotW

Players to watch out for: Animus, Wubs, mono, norphel03

Super Handsome Inteligent Team vs brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr

S.H.I.T. just outclasses many brandons in every department. S.H.I.T. is an established Advanced team from getting third place in season 2, while many brandons is a team stemming from second place Main team [NEW MIC]. Many brandons is not up to the skill level of S.H.I.T. in any regard, and S.H.I.T. should have no problem taking this match. apathy and cheers are going to create havoc in many brandon’s combo and flank. If ItsyAcore can really pop off and put his entire team on his back, I think many brandons can take a round. However, it’s just very unlikely, so I’m going to have to give it to S.H.I.T. in all 14 billion realities.

Prediction: 4-0 Super HANDSOME Inteligent Team

Players to watch out for: cheers, apathy, ItsyAcore