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RGL's Harassment Policy, Bans, and Invite Registrations

   exa_   - 6/21/2019

Important Details

North America

Experimental Cup #2
April 13th - 27th

New Team Registration Ends & Placement of Teams
May 28th

Roster Locks
July 8th

Regular Season
3 June - 15 July

22 July - 5 August

Default Match Day
Monday @ 9:30 PM EST**

All non-Invite division are free

Invite Registration

Invite players must have the paid status to be eligible to participate in the match. Players that have played in a match and did not pay are not considered legitimate players in the match.

For Season 3, registration costs will be cheaper as the season goes on. In following seasons, we plan to implement a payment structure, where players can pay for games, instead of paying the full price for only substituting for a single match.

As such, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Invite Admin cinder.


These bans were enacted before the release of this article.

The following player has been caught cheating by the RGL team and will be banned for one year:

This was the alt account connected to Luc, which has also now been banned:

RGL’s Stance on Harassment and Toxicity

Considering a recent harassment case, we find it appropriate to make an official statement regarding our position on this sort of behavior, both in and out of league-sanctioned activity. As representatives of the league they participate in, players are expected to uphold the sportsmanlike integrity that RGL encourages. As such, we want to enlist clear guidelines with examples, as well as place an importance on understanding the context and intent of a player for each case.

Comments made on public platforms (i.e. forums, league-run Discord servers, match comms) and during scrims and matches, if reported by another player, will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Because of this rule, context and circumstances are extremely important factors to uncover when investigating such reports.

Conversely, comments made on private platforms (i.e. Steam messages, private Discord servers, Mumble, etc.) will, simply put, not play a large factor in acting against players accused of harassment. RGL does not believe it is fair to police the words and actions of players in a private setting and therefore will not apply much scrutiny to these reports, lest we suspect a genuine intent to harm or threaten another player.

Some examples of what harassment is:

  • Any unwelcome comments made towards a player (through any medium) that makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened
  • Threatening to dox/harm another player
  • Stalking

Some examples of what harassment is NOT:

  • In-game “trash talk” (ex: being called bad)
  • Being spammed in private messages
  • Gossip in private discords

Again, each case is viewed individually, and attempting to circumvent these guidelines will not help one’s case should they dispute an accusation made towards them.

Harassment in games will result in league-based punishments. Each case can vary, with admins issuing formal warnings -- with this leading to suspensions if the players do not cooperate. Examples of this are included below:

This player was found to be the main perpetrator with harassing players in-game. As such, this player will be receiving the longest suspension, covering the current season as well as the offseason:

The following players were also found to be partially responsible for the comments made. They will receive bans until after the Season 3 roster lock and until then, will not be permitted to participate in any RGL-sanctioned matches, even as a ringer:

The following player will be banned for the remainder of the season for their highly derogatory and racist comments made in a RGL match server:

Joining these players will be tj and tmp who will be banned from RGL for two weeks for their derogatory comments made in a match server.

The following player will be banned for 2 months for continually using racist aliases during official RGL matches. This is their second offense:

The following player will be banned for 2 weeks for using a racist alias during an official RGL match. This is their first offense:

The following player will be banned for 2 months for using racial slurs on RGL platforms:

We strive for a good-natured competitive environment and urge our players to help us achieve that in the best way possible.

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