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Sunday Night Bans, Invite Prize Pools, and Updated Playoff Brackets

   exa_   - 7/7/2019

Important Details

North America

Experimental Cup #2
April 13th - 27th

New Team Registration Ends & Placement of Teams
May 28th

Roster Locks
July 8th

Regular Season
3 June - 15 July

22 July - 5 August

Default Match Day
Monday @ 9:30 PM EST**

All non-Invite division are free

Because of the number of teams disbanding in each division, we are updating the playoff structures to reflect these team numbers in each division.

Updated Playoff Structure

Invite - double-elimination Swiss bracket - top 4 teams
Advanced - single-gauntlet structure - top 4 teams
Main - double-elimination Swiss bracket - top 6 teams
Intermediate - single-elimination Swiss bracket - top 8 teams
Open - single-elimination Swiss bracket - top 16 teams
  • There will be two playoff brackets for Open
  • Seeds #1-8 will be in the upper bracket and seeds #9-16 will be in the consolation bracket

NOTE: There are no placement medals in the consolation bracket.

Rule Edit

We have updated the first default ringer criteria to make it clearer and more specific, as now default ringers are permitted if they are also playing on a team in a lower division than the division that the match is taking place in.

Prize Winnings

For RGL HL Season 3, we will have a $1,400 prize pool. This number is subject to increase, as the season goes on.

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place


These bans were enacted before the release of this article.

The following player has been caught cheating by the RGL team and will be banned for one year:

Joining this player will be Drugstoner420_ who will be banned for the duration of the season for flaming as well as using racial slurs in a match.

Invite Player Conduct

In the last article, we made our stance on how we will handle harassment and toxicity very clear. The truth is that players that play in our league are expected to uphold the sportsmanlike integrity that RGL encourages. We also understand that “trash talk” is part of any competitive community, however using derogatory terms directed at other people during competitions is not.

For the Invite division, we place a much higher scrutiny over the comments made by players in this division, as this is a casted division and these players heavily represent the league. Furthermore, these are the players that are often seen with the biggest voices and having players that display continuously toxic behavior are not players that we want in these positions.

As such, Invite players that receive suspensions for conduct behavior are subject to longer durations than other divisions. A few examples of this are:

These Invite players received 3 month suspensions for their racist comments in a match server.

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