Please make sure all players on your team are recording their match POV demo.

- Failure to submit demos throughout playoffs will result in immediate match bans.
- NOTE: A player can ring once per team after roster locks have taken place.
- Class restrictions for the current season can be found here.

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RGL HL S2: Award Polls & Season Recap

   exa_   - 3/25/2019

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Highlander Season 2 Awards

Something that we will be returning RGL HL Season 2 are the seasonal awards polls. Disclaimer: The players were nominated by Invite leaders for each category. There are three nominations for each category except certain classes where there was a tie in nominations and for Production which was hand selected by RGL Staff.

– Rebel, pablo, b4nny
– rain, Dreadnought, Etney, tgw
– Joey, HA Johnny, River, eX.Hunter
– exile, Bowl, Arzt
– triiple, Zuchima, RonnieJ, carcin
– exa_, waxx, scratchy
– chinatown, SpotlightR, Wall, Nursey
– Fallen Lord, shaayy, Comanglia
– evil, feint, Dimento
Debut of the Season – wxy, Kumora, fuzzy, Blue99
Most Improved of the Season – Rebel, SpotlightR, cinder
Production of the Season – DolphiN, Alto, zagron
Best Player of the Season – shaayy, Dimento, b4nny

The votes will go live for a week, after which it will close and we will host an awards stream on to announce the winners!

Season 2 Recap

The season of RGL HL have ended and the winners have been determined. Invite hosted a $1,000 prize pool for a highlander league again and the teams that played in the division were very competitive and helped to continue to display some of the best highlander action we have seen in a long time.

Congratulations to the following teams:

1st Place: Kids Next Door
2nd Place: Rewind
3rd Place: The Empire

1st Place: Amicitia Nova
2nd Place: The Meat Heads
3rd Place: Super Handsome Inteligent Team

1st Place: Home Depot eSports
2nd Place: [NEW MIC]
3rd Place: 80085

1st Place: Frag2Play
2nd Place: Loud Noises
3rd Place: Salty Tears & Dave Time

1st Place: The Enthusiasts
2nd Place: Humphrey's DayCare
3rd Place: Pushin' the Cap