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RGL HL Season 2: Playoffs and Tiebreaker Scores

   exa_   - 2/27/2019
Welcome everyone to the second ever postseason for RGL Highlander for Invite, Advanced, Main, Intermediate, and Open.

We would like to congratulate all the teams that have made it to the first round of playoffs and hope that everyone has enjoyed their season so far.

All divisions will have playoffs and will use the Map Elimination system. An admin will continue to monitor match comms to ensure this map pick/ban system is running smoothly in case a team is not responsive.

The structure of each division’s playoffs will be explained further below.

Playoff Schedule (All Divisions)

(All of these dates are also on your respective division bracket found on your league table.)

  • Quarterfinals will be played on March 4th
  • Semifinals will be played on March 11th
  • Grand Finals will be played on March 18th

NOTE: If you cannot play on the default match day, please contact an admin. Furthermore, the higher seed on the league table will be assigned home for each map pick/ban process.

Invite Matches

Invite will feature a double-elimination Swiss bracket for the top 3 teams and the Wildcard winner.

1. Rewind - 11.8 Points
2. Kids Next Door - 11.6 Points
3. The Empire - 7.6 Points
4. Space Force - 7 Points

Round 1:
Rewind vs Space Force
Kids Next Door vs The Empire

Lower bracket Invite matches default match dates are Saturday 9:30 PM EST.

Advanced Matches

Advanced will utilize a single-elimination bubble bracket between the top 4 teams.

Quarterfinals: B&H White will play Team Spooky.

Semifinals: Amicitia Nova will play the winner of the Quarterfinals match.

The loser of this match will be eliminated, while the winner will advance to face The Meat Heads in the Grand Finals.

Main Matches

For the Main Division, 8 teams will compete in a single-elimination Swiss bracket.

1. Never Knows Best - 15.7 Points
2. 80085 - 14 Points
3. Home Depot eSports - 13.7 Points
4. Jebus and the Bees - 13.1 Points
5. Riot - 13 Points
6. Blackjack and Hookers - 12.6 Points
7. Swift Inc. - 11.6 Points
8. [NEW MIC] - 10.7 Points (Replacing the holy assassins)

Round 1:
Never Knows Best vs [NEW MIC]
80085 vs Swift Inc.
Home Depot eSports vs Blackjack and Hookers
Jebus and the Bees vs Riot

Intermediate Matches

For the Intermediate Division, 8 teams will compete in a single-elimination Swiss bracket.

1. Frag2Play - 16 Points
2. Unknowing Pain Feat Chimp Time - 15.4 Points
3. Loud Noises - 14.7 Points
4. The Garage Band - 13.4 Points
5. GarrisonTheGold - 12.9 Points
6. bald b4nny - 12.4 Points
7. Pizza Time - 10.6 Points
8. party rockers - 10.4 Points

Round 1:
Frag2Play vs party rockers
Unknowing Pain Feat Chimp Time vs Pizza Time
Loud Noises vs bald b4nny
The Garage Band vs GarrisonTheGold

Open Matches

For the Open Division, we are going to continue with 8 teams in a single-elimination Swiss bracket.

The Enthusiasts has won the head-to-head against EdgeGamers, so The Enthusiasts will take the higher seed (2nd) going into the playoffs. We Overslept.. won the head-to-head against Ignore Comms, Go Deep , so We Overslept.. will take the higher seed (6th) going into the playoffs.

1. Humphrey's DayCare - 18.5 Points
2. The Enthusiasts -15.6 Points
3. EdgeGamers - 15.6 Points
4. Gods Plan - 13.7 Points
5. Pushin' the Cap - 12.9 Points
6. We Overslept.. - 12 Points
7. Ignore Comms, Go Deep - 12 Points
8. Fanny Gang - 11.4 Points

Round 1:
Humphrey's DayCare vs Fanny Gang
The Enthusiasts vs Ignore Comms, Go Deep
EdgeGamers vs We Overslept..
Gods Plan vs Pushin' the Cap


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