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RGL Invite Season 2 Team Introductions


   SpotlightR   - 1/12/2019
As the preseason of RGL HL S2 comes to a close, the hype of the first week is building faster than ever. The admins have taken criticism and suggestions from the community and have elected to restructure the Invite division in numerous ways. The largest change was arguably the implementation of a shorter season, cutting down S1's ten week season to seven while retaining the same round-robin format, this is accomplished due to Invite now containing two more teams and a bye-week. Other changes include the termination of the map pick/ban as Invite will now utilize the same map system as the rest of the league.

Players were filled with uncertainty regarding the longevity of the Invite divison after an underwhelming beginning to the preseason regarding the number of teams set to participate. Combine that with the death of teams like Literally Anything Else ran by duck, Apolodosh ran by Arzt Hispanian and RonnieJ, and Heals On Everyone 6LACK lead by Lizar and myself, there was definitely a reason for concern. However, many players like Exa, Blue99, and Waxx have stepped up to the plate and created teams with little time on their side which has made S2 of Invite look arguably more exciting than the prior season.

Space Force

BLNKT / Dreadnought / Joey / Seerofshadows / Octa / sigafoo / tacos / cinder / Mad

Space Force is the sole Advanced team that has placed out of their previous divison and moved up after the death of Heals On Everyone 6LACK. However, this does not make them a weak team by any regard. Their scrims have been hard fought and competitive, exchanging rounds with and even beating out teams that look stronger than them on paper. Space Force is definitely a team to keep your eye on for S2.

Diet KND

sandblast / Nursey / BM / Etney / zuchima / scratchy / Dimento / Comanglia / SpaceGhostsCoffee

Diet KND is a team that is largely comprised of players from Galactic KND, the second place Invite team from S1, but with a twist. Many of their players such as Space Ghost's Coffee, Nursey, and Dimento have elected to play classes outside of their comfort zone, which makes Diet KND the largest wildcard team of S2.


shamoo / speedy / Billysaurus / Jarrett / carcin / Jordan_ / ? / bo4r / feint

IRENE are your returning champions from S1 of RGL HL, and even though they have lost b4nny, they still remain an exceptionally strong force to be reckoned with. Only time will tell if they will have the same stellar performance from season 1, though.

The Flow

Rebel / donovin / itsyAcore / Hedgehog Hero / blue99 / kumora / silohunter / change / ts

The Flow can be considered a move-up team as well as a team under the same alias and leader, Blue99, participated in Advanced last season. However, their roster has been redesigned arguably for the better, complete with many accomplished 6v6 players. The Flow is definitely the biggest underdog team in S2, but you should definitely not count them out.

Fast Forward

? / daffodil / Johnny / fygg / witness / Moose / nyxi / spu

Fast Forward may carry the same name as the team that achieved fourth place in RGL HL S1 but their roster has zero similarities. Waxx has brought his brainchild back for yet another season after a few season away from Fast Foward's main spot. Complete with co-leadership from Witness and a roster comprised of many standout players, you can expect Fast Forward to only get better as time goes on.

Class of 3000

wish / dev / oblivion / Bowl / RonnieJ / Spades / Wall / Fallen Lord / shotaway

Class of 3000 rises from the ashes left behind from Apolodosh as RonnieJ aids Bowl in leading arguably one of the strongest teams in S2. You can see Class of 3000 take on Rewind in the first casted match of RGL S2.


pablo / rain / River / Arzt Hispanian / triiiple / exa_ / chinatown / shaayy / evil

Rewind puts together players from RGL S1's Fast Forward and Apolodosh which results in a very strong roster on paper. After going through more than a few names during the preseason, Rewind has elected to go with a name that fits many of their players' past of competing on Fast Forward. You can see Rewind take on Class of 3000 in the first casted match of RGL S2.

The competition seems fierce in the second season of RGL Highlander, and I hope that you will continue to follow the happenings and updates that will succeed this article as the season kicks off. A big thanks goes out to all of the admins, contributors, and Invite team leaders that have helped make S2 a reality and I can't wait to see what the future holds for RGL Highlander!

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