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RGL Advanced Season 2 Team Introductions


   Moose In A Suit   - 1/8/2019

RGL Advanced Season 2 Team Introductions

Welcome to the second season of RGL Highlander. Although there won’t be weekly articles with predictions this season, Flare and I will be writing update articles on any roster changes or any other major news for the division. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of predictions come out for each week’s matches, drop by the Predictions section of the forums here, and maybe even give us your own predictions in our forum post too!

Amicitia Nova

Aaron / Catalyst / Darkly / insouciant / bran / Dest- / DZCreeper / -Sei / Micahlele

Team leader Micahlele looks fondly back on UGC S18 as one of his favorite experiences in Highlander, under an Iron team called Amicitia. Like its legacy predecessor, Amicitia Nova takes its name from the Latin word for ‘friendship’, now supplementing old, ‘veteris’ friendships with new, ‘nova’ ones. While he hopes to bring his team into a top 4 position in Advanced, Micahlele says his top priority for the season is to have a good time with friends, saying “as I gathered a roster together, not only did this team look extremely promising, but everybody on it was or became good friends.” And with friends as storied as Aaron, bran, and DZCreeper, it looks perfectly possible that they’ll put in a great performance while having their fun.

B&H White

Toy / teli / imbeast / Poseidon / LoliHunter.55(Chocc) / Biz / Raisins / Lexa / Mascin_Tape

B&H White is an offspring of Blackjack and Hookers led by Chocc and Poseidon. The majority of B&H White are former Blackjack and Hookers players, with the exception of biz, who is coming back from a break from TF2, imbeast from Intermediate team Some Assembly Required, and Raisins from Main team Home Depot eSports. This season they’re just looking to do well and keep a stable roster.

Forty-Two Pence

Yumyum / wise / Inquisition / Flare / Muzique / Starfruit66 / ZoomxZe / Michaelpc1 / Goldin

A continuation of the RGL S1 team of the same name that placed 2nd in Main. The team has kept the core of last season’s F2P with, Flare, Muzique, and Starfruit66, but picking up Yumyum from IM winners Anthrax, wise from IM team Corncake’s Dormroom, ZoomxZe and Goldin from Advanced team The Flow, and Michaelpc1 from the main team Disingenuous Assertions gives the team an entirely new feel. Their goal, according to Flare is to form a lasting team with good chemistry but they’re hoping to make top 4.

Gotta Blast

josh / nazara / bark / PsychoPsyduck / flu walrus / baocn / wile / Mhenlo / myk

The RGL HL incarnation of Gotta Blast mostly picks up where Wallop left off in UGC S25 Platinum, retaining players like myk, josh, and Mhenlo, with Nerdaloid currently helming the team from behind the scenes. Another third of their roster is filled out with former Mighty Ducks teammates PsychoPsyduck, baocn, and nazara, leaving bark, flu walrus, and wile newcomers to the team’s history. After having placed 1st in RGL HL S1 Main, Gotta Blast comes into Advanced looking to secure a top 3 position for themselves, although they don’t seem to be scrimming any times besides pre-games. Nonetheless, they benefit from a good deal of prior experience, both with each other and in Highlander as a whole.

Monkey Crush Monday

dala / dope / blake / tgw / hypedad32 / aeon / ? / jetz / rico

A relatively new team, Monkey Crush Monday started off in S26 of UGC, winning first place in Main. This season they look to tackle RGL Advanced. “We’re just a friend team,” says dope, “our goal is to have fun.” Their roster still looks very promising and they aren’t a team to be taken lightly.

skate fast eat bass

sparhawk / uni / duck / TeatsMcghee / civ / cloud / Fruitcup / d3nny / manbug

The ‘b’ is silent, much like team leader Fruitcup when asked for comments on his team, only saying that they were simply a team of friends looking to place in the division. skate fast eat bass boasts a collection of impressive individual players, with duck, TeatsMcghee, cloud, Fruitcup, and manbug all having played the previous season in Advanced.

Super Handsome Intelligent Team

Randomcookie / Brandan / hotwax / mono / MoistMaster / greenking / ellie / legit / hino

Super Handsome Intelligent Team started as a steel team in UGC S22 and promptly won the division before moving up to Silver and ending up with a record of 8-4. After taking a hiatus they’ve returned this time looking to conquer advanced. There have been some early roster issues with their demoman mono possibly being cut but they’ve kept many of their old member as well as some solid pickups in Brandan who hails from IBKC, hotwax and Hino from 2nd place IM team Arctic Monkeys, legit from 3rd place IM team massive cranium esports, and Greenking. Their goal this season is to come out on top, according to their leader MoistMaster.

Bye Team #1

Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye / Bye

Rising from the ashes of S1 multi-division team Bye Week, Bye Team #1 enters the Advanced ring with a fire in its heart and the drive to take over the division. Featuring the talents of team leader and sole player Bye multi-boxing on nine computers on all nine classes, Bye Team #1 holds the title of the strongest team chemistry in the division, because you can’t beat the chemistry of a team of all one person. However, despite never having lost a scrim (on account of never having played one), Bye informed us he has low expectations for his team’s actual placement in the division, saying, “Even though I have proven to the admins on multiple occasions that my nine-fold presence in-game is entirely within human limits and without any unpermitted advantages, they continue to default all my matches in favor of enemy teams. I’m beginning to suspect exa_ has some personal grudge with me that needs to be taken care of before I can take my Highlander career anywhere.” Good luck and godspeed, Bye you magnificent bastard.